Sarika Samala

CEO and Co-Founder, Gogreendish & Sustainbuddy 


Sarika Samala is the founder and CEO of Gogreendish and Sustainbuddy brands, an online e-commerce company that promotes zero waste and sustainable living products. She has previously worked in Boeing as a Senior Project Manager and Product Owner. She has led teams developing services focused on supporting a single integrated management system to increase strategic clarity by aligning standard definitions, data sources, and control limits. Sarika has also co-founded, a site for eCommerce online grocery where she served as a Chief Technology Officer.


Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

As an entrepreneur, I wanted to do an MBA to gain core business knowledge, frameworks, and principles. ISB offers a rigorous academic programme based on an action learning philosophy. The programme has world-renowned professors with diverse and accomplished executives, creating the best learning environment. I also came here for the quantitative focus, and need to know how to use, harness, and leverage data to reach better business outcomes. The action learning aspect at ISB means students immediately apply what they learn. I am very excited to be part of the PGPMAX programme.