Srinivasa Reddy Marri

Founder, Techmologics Innovations Pvt Ltd 


Srinivasa Reddy Marri is a techno entrepreneur. He is the founder & CEO of Techmologics Innovations Pvt Ltd. He has worked for various IT companies in the last 20 years and is passionate about learning. Srinivasa has a post-graduation MSc (IT) from KSOU and MS (Software Engineering) from BITS. Radio electronic is his passionate hobby. He took a government exam to earn a telegraphic license in 1995.

He enjoys being hands-on in multiple key initiatives like AI/ML for AgriTech space and EV Charge Point Management Systems. Earlier he has worked for HCL, Cybage Software Pvt Ltd and in a few startups. He has managed teams to build high scale, transactional, secure solutions in Healthcare, OSS, BSS, System Integration domains

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

As a global learning platform, PGPMAX is the right programme for those looking for leadership roles and wanting an entrepreneurial journey. The progamme aptly fitted my need of financial/accounting perspectives to manage an organization. The learning frameworks the programme offers ensure we get equipped with tools to analyse the global market. In addition, the peer and alumni learning develops us as a person adept at skillfully balancing work, learning and personal life.