Chiru Harsh Patnam

Sales Manager, Amsri Builders


Chiru Harsh Patnam is a budding entrepreneur and manages sales role in his family business – Amsri Builders. Amsri is a Hyderabad-based real estate development and land holding company with core competence in land acquisition & timely completion of projects. The company has till date constructed more than 3 million sq. feet of commercial and residential space in the twin cities and other projects are under various stages of execution. 

Chiru Harsh Patnam is also the founder & CEO of Sunpower Digital and Lawolfintech, establishing a unique & impactful business model within the Banks/NBFCs and finance technologies.

Apart from business, he is an Indian karateka and has won 12 gold medals in the Kumite 84 weight category at national championships.

Why did you choose PGPMFAB programme?

After switching between business roles and managing three companies with different domains simultaneously, I realised I'm excited to take on new challenges and risks. I've learned I work best on things I love to do and networking is one of them. 

The pressure on a second-generation entrepreneur is not often talked about. I have always been amazed by PGP MFAB as it is specifically designed for generational business owners who are taking up business leadership with a specific set of skills. We are the next generation of family business leaders to manage the operations. The provides learnings and techniques to enhance our innovative qualities. Most courses don’t offer such insights as they are taught from an employee mindset rather than an employer. This sets PGP MFAB apart from others.

Chiru Harsh Patnam

Sales Manager

Amsri Builders

PGP MFAB Class of 2022