Mehul Bajaj

Business Development Manager, Extra Cover Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd

Extra Cover Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd is an esteemed organization providing complete insurance solutions for the last 2 decades. With a group of experienced and knowledgeable teams in Kolkata and Mumbai, the company enjoys good relations with clients nationwide. Mehul Bajaj works as Business Development Manager and looks after the marketing department. His responsibilities include acquiring new business, improving existing relations and social media marketing.

Why did you choose PGPMFAB programme?

PGP MFAB offered by ISB is by far one of the best courses for the next generation of family businesses. Being a part of this course helps you network with various other family businesses. It offers a holistic approach towards managing family businesses and is one of a kind course since it talks more from the owner’s perspective rather than a manager’s perspective. With various case studies from India and abroad, the course is very practical in nature and highly relevant in today’s day and age.

Mehul Bajaj

Business Development Manager

Extra Cover Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd

PGP MFAB Class of 2022