Akshat Agarwal

Partner, Sri Shubham jewellers


Akshat Agrawal comes from Hyderabad and works in his family business - Sri Shubham Jewellers. The company is renowned for its high-quality gold bangles and polki jewellery, which are manufactured and wholesaled by the company. Sri Shubham Jewellers has a wide network of retailers across India and is recognized as the largest supplier of gold bangles in the country. The company takes pride in its commitment to quality and exceptional customer service and strives to exceed the expectations of its customers to maintain its position as a leader in the jewellery industry.

Why did you choose PGPMFAB programme?

I chose PGP MFAB because I wanted to gain a detailed understanding of family business management and expand my network pan India. The curriculum at ISB covers all aspects of family business, from financial management and marketing to leadership and strategic planning. This will enable me to develop a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that family businesses face. I look forward to creating lasting connections with professionals across the country, opening up opportunities for collaboration and other business ventures.

Akshat Agarwal


Sri Shubham jewellers

PGP MFAB Class of 2023