Ishaan Mehta

Director, Knitwell India Private Limited


Ishaan Mehta, a 22-year-old from Panchkula (Chandigarh), is a third-generation business owner and a graduate of the University of Melbourne, with a degree in Finance and Marketing. He is currently working in his family business, Knitwell India Private Limited, which has been one of the leading sheet metal fabricators and manufacturers in the country since the early 1970s. The company provides parts to some of the largest tractor companies in the world.

In addition to his family business, Ishaan has also launched his own apparel company in Australia called Zenroz Pty Ltd. The company is set to be launched on Kickstarter soon. With his passion for sports, Ishaan has excelled in national-level Squash and was also a former national-level badminton player.

Why did you choose PGPMFAB programme?

I chose PGP MFAB programme due to the unparalleled experience it offers. The course provides a unique blend of exceptional teaching, networking events and studying programmes, creating a collaborative environment that expands our knowledge base. Moreover, the comprehensive work environment helps us apply what we learn directly to our businesses.

The diversity of students in the programme allows for effective communication and the opportunity to learn from peers with different backgrounds. This has enabled me to not only develop my business but also establish strong connections and friendships with individuals from all over the world.

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone interested in pursuing their passion for business to apply for the programme. The MFAB programme has been an incredible opportunity for me, and I believe it can be for others as well.

Ishaan Mehta


Knitwell India Private Limited

PGP MFAB Class of 2023