Vedang Jain

Director, Prachar Communications


Vedang Rajesh Jain is a resident of Mumbai, India and belongs to a family of marketers. He has pursued pre-law and business management in the United States and has gained experience working in various departments such as event planning, media buying, and product branding at his family-owned business, Prachar Communications.

Prachar Communications is a 30-year-old advertising agency with a wide range of clients including Mankind Pharma, Manyavar, Siyarams, SBI, Kamla Pasand Pan Masala, and Karbonn Mobiles. The agency has collaborated with brands across different industries and currently has a team of 250 employees working in their offices located in Mumbai and Delhi. Prachar Communication's services begin with helping clients in conceptualizing a brand and continue until the product reaches the hands of its target consumers.

Why did you choose PGPMFAB programme?

As an experienced professional who has studied abroad, I was eager to further enhance my understanding of the Indian business landscape and collaborate with other like-minded individuals from family businesses in a classroom setting. After conducting thorough research, I was particularly drawn to the PGP MFAB at ISB for its exceptional faculty and diverse curriculum. The programme's intriguing subjects piqued my interest and I was convinced that this would be the ideal platform to expand my knowledge and develop my skill set. Ultimately, my passion for learning and my desire to network with other family business leaders led me to ISB.

Vedang Jain


Prachar Communications

PGP MFAB Class of 2023