Business Admissions Test (BAT)

About The Business Admissions Test (BAT)

BAT is developed as an admissions assessment test for business education programmes. It is designed to gauge test takers’ business acumen and analytical thinking through real-world problems.

Appearing for BAT exam is mandatory for the PGP MFAB applicants

About Online Test

Online BAT test can be conveniently taken either at home or at work. All you need are:

1) Identification Document (ID) 

2) A good internet connectivity

3) A working webcam

The exam is administered by a remote proctor. You will be supervised via webcam and microphone while you take your test.

Here are a few BAT sample papers: 

Sample 1 – MCQ Booklet

Sample 2 – MCQ Booklet

Sample 3 – Case Study Booklet

To register for the online BAT test, send a mail to

How to prepare for the test?

To get started with preparing for the BAT exam, visit the ISB’s
official portal on the Business Test MethodsTM platform:

1) Understand the format and structure of the test

2) Do some drills to help you to refresh your verbal and quantitative skills.

3) Familiarise yourself with the timing for the test

4) Practice, practice, practice!

Try the two Sample Tests given on the BAT webpage. You may (if required) purchase the BAT Official Guide for $50.

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