Abhinav Dewan

"The PGPPro programme is like pressing the fast forward button. Despite the daily struggle to balance personal and professional commitments - learning never stopped. I was amazed at the extent of my takeaway from the peer and alumni experiences and teachings of the faculty. The Power to achieve something lies within."  - Abhinav Dewan

PGPpro Co 2018
Business Development Manager,
ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt Ltd.

Gamya Goli

"PGPpro is not an entitlement. Hard work, clear goals and focus are essential to make the best use of opportunity that ISB is"
-Gamya Goli

PGPpro Co 2018
Site Lead

Sumit Gogia

"PGPpro is that one gets to implement business best practices and insights we learn in the class, at the workplace immediately and expect a positive impact in near future.” - Sumit Gogia

PGPpro Co 2018
Software Developement Manager

Divya Juneja

"PGPpro & its cohort's ecosystem gave me the confidence to become an  Entrepreneur" -Divya Juneja

PGPpro Co 2018
Divergent Insights

Joy Sahoo

"PGPpro helped me become a devil’s advocate to my own work” - Joy Sahoo

PGPpro Co 2018
Brand Strategist

Nanda Das

"PGPpro was the wind in my sails that enabled me to convert the very first job pursuit into an offer letter from a company of my choice. ISB acted as the perfect spring-board to catapult me into my current role." -Nanda Das

PGPpro Co 2019

Narayani Narsimhan

"PGPpro is flebixible it provided me the opportunity to network with cohorts in other cities too " -Narayani Narsimhan

PGPpro Co 2019
Product Manager

Suman Kumar Chakraborty

“My successful transition from the Indian Navy into the corporate world happened because of the leap of faith I took with the parachute branded as ISB in the colour of PGPpro. I was able to secure a CXO level position even before the culmination of the programme.” - Suman

PGPpro Co 2021
Chief Technology Officer
Magnolia Community Health Pvt Ltd

Ex-Commander, Indian Navy

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