Who is it For?

Who is it For?

This Executive MBA equivalent programme is ideal for people who possess the following attributes.

Mid-Career Professionals/Entrepreneurs

PGPpro is targeted at ‘mid-career’ working professionals and business owners, with 8+ years of work experience. They desire to consolidate their functional career in the immediate future and aspire to go on to senior management roles thereafter.

Diverse work profile

The programme is suitable for individuals from diverse backgrounds having unique professional experiences. Working professionals and Entrepreneurs from innovative start-ups to multinational companies will benefit from the programme. Diversity leads to new thinking, innovation and creativity. Individuals from varied functions and range of industries will gain and also have the opportunity to apply the learning at work.


Individuals with the desire for success and motivation to undertake a rigorous study to help them consolidate their career or business for enhanced growth.

Busy Schedules

The PGPpro is ideal for busy professionals who have execution responsibilities and demanding schedules.

Current Class Profile

The diverse bunch of PGPpro students join hands to attain one goal - Be The Future Leaders. 

The Indian School of Business encourages diversity and welcomes students from all backgrounds. 

The PGPpro cohorts are a true amalgamation of all disciplines; engineers, marketeers, doctors, educationists and defence personnel; each one adding value in their own unique ways.

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13 +

Functional Representation

17 +

Industry Representation


Avg Work Experience


Avg Age

Other include Advertising, Media, Communications, Armed Forces, NGO, Energy, Power, Petroleum, Trading, Education, Research, FMCG, Government, PSUs and, Manufacturing

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