Financial assistance in the form of loans may be available to participants of this programme. Interested applicants may directly contact the financial institutions for details.

Indian Bank

Loan Limit

Need based to meet expenses for completion of the course. For Executive management programme/Executive MBA maimum loan amount is Rs. 25 Lac Reimbursement is allowed fee paid by the student if any, for the 1st semister.


NIL Loan upto Rs 40 Lakhs

Rate of Interest (linked to Banks EBLR)

With Co applicant ROI is 8.00%

Without Co applicant ROI is 8.25%

Co borrower

Coborrower is optional

Income Tax benefit

Yes, Under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act


For PGP- 1 year full time /Residential Program: 180 EMIs/PMIs   after the moratorium period

Executive Management Program / Executive MBA (  on Part   time/ Distance

Education mode to working professionals): 120 EMIs   commencing from the next month after   first disbursement.

Moratorium Period

For PGP- 1 year full time /Residential Program: Course Period + 1 Year

For Executive Management Program / Executive MBA (viz. on Part time/ Distance Education   mode to working professionals): NILL


15% of Project cost for courses conducted /offered by ISB   which are duly approved by governing council/Board of ISB.

However for Execuive Management Programme/Executive   MBA courses/  PGPMAX/PGPMFAB/PGP Pro –parttime course   for working professionals – Margin is 25%

Processing Fee



Group Life Insurance Policy for the Loan amount sanctioned covering the entire period of loan is mandatory [IB Vidhyarthi Suraksha (PNB Met Life) /New IB Jeevan Vidya  (LICI)] or under   any other policy as desired by the student


Smt S Kalyani, Chief Manager - 9848172875/9444218960

Smt. Prohelee Das, Loan officer -040-2300 0889

Gachibowli Branch, Hyderabad.   



Mr. Kuldeep Singh –Branch Manager- 7986352538

Ms.Bhumika Rathore –ABM- 9872547443

Indian School of Business (On campus), Mohali


Sanctioning Authority

Upto Rs.35 lacs by Branch

More than Rs.35 Lacs - by representive zonal offic

PGPpro Support