Learning Goals


THE PROGRAMME STARTS off with a one-week residency on either of the ISB campuses in Hyderabad or Mohali.

Then the schedule shifts to an alternate weekend class system interspersed with online components in the intervening weekends (Friday and/or Saturdays). There will be one week of international residency in another country in Asia in the middle of the programme. Finally, the programme will end with another week of classes on one of the ISB campuses.

Learning Goals

A supportive learning environment is created as participants engage with faculty and peers. Throughout the journey they unlearn, reflect, and redefine their boundaries. The critical learning outcomes in the programme will focus on.

Leadership Skills

Have heightened awareness of what it takes to exercise effective leadership at senior levels through key initiatives, effective execution, influencing, inspiring and empowering people and managing change.

Critical and Integrating Thinking

Demonstrate an ability to identify the central problem/issue, despite limited or overwhelming information, draw and assess recommendations using a perspective that integrates both functional (i.e. business functions) and relevant external information, and deploy them effectively to solve business problems.


The programme starts with online preparatory courses that form the foundation for future courses.

Online Preparatory Modules

Online pre-term modules created by ISB faculty to refresh knowledge of quantitative analysis, accounting, and finance.

Pre-Course Reading Material

Pre-course reading materials which are in the form of text books, cases, articles etc. will be made available to all participants in advance. Participants are expected to spend 8 to 10 hours per week studying these materials before they come for classes each term. Online assessments and pre-course projects are also incorporated into the programme to ensure academic rigour.


As a global business school, we create the latest curriculum in collaboration with our academic partner schools. The PGPpro curriculum is aligned to the requirements of mid-career professionals and aims at accelerating their career.

It prepares participants to have a deep understanding of business opportunities and challenges, take decisions based on data points and lead with impact.

Participants learn the tools, skills and industry best practices required for broader understanding of business. Over 18 months, the integrated curriculum covers 24 courses and is divided into 4 categories with the focus on Leadership & Strategy.

Faculty Members deliver this innovative curriculum using a variety of teaching methods with the right balance of theory, research and practice, leading to an enriching learning experience.

International Immersion

International immersion is an integral component of the PGPpro. Participants get immediate experience of how businesses are managed; understand the demands and policies of local market.
It will involve one or more of various interventions like:

  1. cultural visits
  2. country experience
  3. classroom teaching
  4. industry visits
  5. top management interaction

The cost of international immersion (travel, visa, incidentals, tourism etc.) will be additional and is not included in the tuition fee.

Career Services

At the Indian School of Business, we help our students focus on their professional goals.

To support students in achieving their career goals, the PGPpro provides a series of interventions to help them in clarifying their goals, get a better understanding of themselves and alignment of skills to their aspirations.

These interventions help in:

  1. Understanding oneself
  2. Aligning one’s skills & strengths to appropriate careers
  3. Profile preparation & review
  4. Smarter networking and
  5. Soft skills

The goal is to bring increased self-awareness, improved self-confidence and better clarity of future career options, enabling students to take charge of their careers on their own.


ISB’s national reputation and its association with global business schools such as the Kellogg School of Management, The Wharton School, London Business School, and the Fletcher School attracts faculty members from all over the world.
ISB students enjoy the advantage of learning from accomplished resident faculty and globally recognized visiting faculty from Chicago Booth, Cornell, Duke, Kellogg, LBS, UCLA, Wharton and others. They have extensive teaching, research and industry background and work towards bringing the latest management practice to classroom learning.

Unique Faculty Model

Programme Calendar

The programme for Bengaluru and Mumbai starts in January 2025, and the next batch for Delhi (NCR) and Hyderabad starts in July 2025. Classes are held on alternate weekends in Bengaluru, Delhi (NCR) region, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Indicative schedules for the year, each term and daily schedule are given below.

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