Amrita Ganguly is the Product Manager in, inc . She handles the Quote-to-cash domain of Revenue portfolio. Prior to joining, inc in Hyderabad, she had worked in Deloitte for 5 years (San Jose/Boston office) and before that in Tata consultancy services for 3 years (San Diego and Bangalore).

Fun Facts: She is an avid reader and love to travel. It is amazing to see and learn how different yet how similar all cultures are at the core irrespective of their geographic location!

Life’s Mantra: Life begins at the end of comfort zone!” And “Anything is possible if you have enough nerve”!

Why did you choose PGPpro programme?

Being a Product Manager in product based company demands innovative and strategic thinking, advanced understanding of the market research and stronger leadership skills. After 9 years, I have hit the plateau ( a term dreaded equally by someone who is in the path of losing that stubborn fat and someone who is the youngest product manager in the team trying to excel in the current role). This is where I know PGPPro will give me a different perspective, provide me with the network and that extra push to start acquiring new skills and deepen leadership skills that the role demands.

Amrita Ganguly

Product Manager
PGPpro Class of 2021 | Hyderabad Cohort