I am part of the core team from Day 0 building one of the most successful IOT Startups from India with presence in Banking, Retail, Telecom, Commercial Real estate and Government sectors.
My core offering and what I am working towards is a focus on building real world experiences in technology bringing bespoke Hardware, Software and Design that can see widespread adaptation.

Why did you choose PGPpro programme?

I chose the programme to widen my horizons and apply myself to the most difficult problems in business. As my organization transforms from a startup to a large enterprise, the rich learning from this course would help me meet the challenges along the way. Combining relevant skill sets needed to speak the language of business and the integrative thinking, I hope to chart a new phase of growth for myself and the larger community.

Ananth Menon

Regional Manager
Cattleya Technosys Pvt Ltd.