Anshul Dosi is working as an Investment Analyst at Amansa Capital. Amansa is a Singapore based public markets fund with AUM of more than USD 1.5bn, focusing on Indian markets. At Amansa, Anshul is the sector lead for Industrial, Capital goods, Power, Oil & Gas, Hotels and Real estate sector. Primary responsibility includes tracking companies within these sectors on an ongoing basis and recommending investment opportunities to the CIO.

Why did you choose PGPpro programme?

There are 2 reasons why I choose the PGP pro program. First is to strengthen my current role which involves meeting various companies, understanding their strategy, analyzing future business prospects, and making investment recommendations. ISB’s PGPPro program gives a very good weightage to these softer aspects of business analysis. Second objective was to leverage PGPPro platform to accelerate my career. Over the long term, I want to start my own fund and that would require leadership skills (managing teams) which I can learn from the program. Being a part of the ISB alumni network will also be a big advantage

Anshul Dosi

Investment Analyst 
Amansa Capital