Hands on, result-oriented, innovative & creative professional equipped with 7+ years of functional success in Product development, Product  Management and Project Management skills. Demonstrates a unique combination of technical and leadership acumen with strong Interpersonal skills. Ability to assimilate new skills quickly, hit the ground running and outperform expectations under pressure or time constraints.
Areas of Expertise encompasses User Experience, Front-End Design & Development, Product Management and Team Collaboration.

Why did you choose PGPpro programme? 

I felt the need for broadening my scope of knowledge and homogenise my technical skills with the practical business management and leadership skills. I understand that to gain expertise in such a skilful, succinct and dynamic world of business management, the peer group and faculty of varied backgrounds and perspective are of the most importance. The focus of this programme on the Strategic and Leadership development, diverse peer group and international level education are the major reasons for choosing PGPPro Programme. It also helps me gain the practical business expertise without leaving my current job.


Aseem Aishwarya

Squad Lead & Senior Software Engineer,
Freshworks Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
PGPpro Class of 2021 | Hyderabad Cohort