Experienced technical lead with a demonstrated history of working in the semiconductors industry, skilled in Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), SystemVerilog, PCIE (PCI Express), CXL, Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC), and TCL. Strong engineering professional with an MS focused in VLSI.

You might have heard about the word 10X from the famous book by Andy Grove called 'Only the paranoid survive'. Such is the expectation in the semiconductor industry with at least one processor chip to be released every month. I’ve received several accolades during her school, college and professional lives. As IP Lead, planned and utilized the available resources effectively right from the beginning of the program. I was instrumental in championing the architecture for developing setup from scratch which improved the quality of the IP. I have guided and groomed the team members very effectively to execute the program, solved critical issues and worked with cross functional and global teams to ensure success.

Why did you choose PGPpro programme?

                Through my enrolment in PGPPro course, I would like to pursue to understand the ethical dilemmas and business compulsions of my industry and engage with internal and external stakeholders to figure out a solution. I plan to benefit from the rich and diverse experiences of the faculty at ISB, especially from courses in ethics, governance, networked economy, innovation and entrepreneurship and also look forward to understanding how my peers from different backgrounds and various industries are climbing their ladder of life both professionally and personally and contribute my share of learning. PGPPro program gives the best experience without us taking a break from our full time career.

Divya Adsumilli

Tech Lead
Xilinx Technology Pvt Ltd
PGPpro Class of 2021 | Hyderabad Cohort