Nagendra joins Affle in 2019 to lead the product and engineering team of Affle’s Omnichannel Platforms. Prior to Affle he started his career at Milaap and has since worked with Ingenico and other tech leaders in the industry. As a technology enthusiast, he has been working across countries building teams and products. He co-founded Shoffr, a Singapore based tech startup that was later acquired by Affle. Nagendra is a computer science engineer turned entrepreneur and is based out of Bangalore.

Why did you choose PGPpro programme?

Joining ISB is not only a long-awaited dream but an opportunity to learn from the best faculty and fellow students. Also, I believe ISB will help me significantly enhanced my knowledge, exposure, and experience in acquiring general management and leadership skills. As a successful startup founder, I believe in giving back to the community through ISB.


Nagendra Dhanakeerthi

Technology Director, Affle (India) Ltd