Experienced team player with 6+ years of experience in Product Management, Design and Product Life-cycle Management in B2B Payments, Mobility and Sales Compensation Products. Have software development experience in B2B applications including Data and Analytics, CSS, and Professional Services IT domain. Also, a Certified Scrum Master.

Experienced in Market Trend & Competitor analysis, creating Strategic Vision and Road-map for product, defining Success Criteria, UX Design, A/B Testing, Analytics/ML and driving product from Conceptualization to Delivery stage.

Experienced in working with globally distributed cross-functional and cross-cultural teams including Product Leadership, Engineering, UX, Business, Data Science, Privacy and Security, Sales and Marketing and Customer Insider groups.

Excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer satisfaction, and driving overall operational improvements. Consistently saved costs while delivering value.

A passionate illustrator and a budding UX designer outside work.

Why did you choose PGPpro programme? 

 The brand ISB is very dynamic and progressive amongst all others in the world. The ISB PGPPro programme is tailor made as per my professional expectations because of the following reasons -

a)       Learning from the world’s best faculty under one hood.

b)      Peer learning and networking opportunities from a rich and diverse cohort and alum.

c)       Flexible offering for all working professionals who are not inclined in leaving their full-time career.

In these unprecedented times, the ISB community is the ideal place to be in order to enrich my knowledge base and optimally utilize these associations to spring-board my career forward.

Ruchira Dutta

Product Manager II
Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd.
PGPpro Class of 2021 | Hyderabad Cohort