Saranya Harikrishnan, a Senior Product Manager at PeopleGrove, drives the Administrator facing features of PeopleGrove’s Alumni-Student Engagement platform. Fiercely committed to staying in ed-tech, Saranya also heads Product for Global Discover Academy Schools where she is currently working on AI-based holistic learning initiative. In her previous avatar, Saranya worked as Development Manager, for Aspen Technology, Inc. USA, a Process Optimization software company, where she owned a suite of engineering product (Aspen Basic Engineering), planned release operations, and held a product evangelist role, customizing solutions for European and American clients across the E&C Spectrum. Saranya holds a graduate degree in Chemical Engineering from University at Buffalo, New York and undergraduate degree from Anna University, Chennai.


Why did you choose PGPpro programme?

I gave up engineering and chose to return to India after a decade of living in the US to pursue a leadership role in startup world of Edtech. Supplementing my work-life with ISB’s PGPPro program, I chose to close my gaps in improving my financial literacy, understanding economics of scalability, marketing strategies, to be able to eventually take off on my own and doing so, enriched through the network of ISB’s connections and community of entrepreneurs and faculty to learn from and take guidance. So far that has turned out quite well for me. 

Saranya Harikrishnan

Senior Product Manager
PGPpro Class of 2021 | Mumbai Cohort