Saumen is a Senior Analog Design Engineer with SST (Silicon Storage Technology), a subsidiary of Microchip Technologies. He has 10 years of experience in Semiconductor industry with both Product and Service Companies like Microchip, Magma, LSI Technologies, Cadence, SanDisk and Altran. He had completed his MTech from IIT Kanpur in VLSI and Microelectronics and after that he is in Analog Domain working on different IP designs. He holds two US Patents and few international publications also in this domain.

Why did you choose PGPpro programme?

I have been very successful in my career so far with a decade of work experience.  However, at this crucial point of my career I want to move towards management role, in which I will direct and control a Firm’s operations and give strategic guidance and direction to the Board to ensure that the Firm achieves its mission and objectives. As a designer I have fairly good product development knowledge however I can contribute more to product inception and marketing. So, I need to learn and develop Business Acumen and leadership skills which are critical to product life cycle from inception to market. The Immersive nature of education at ISB and spending 18 months doing PGP Pro can bring about a perspective shift in life. PGPPro is modular, weekend only program which gives you chance to continue with your study without leaving your job and other commitments. Also, there is a lot of peer learning by becoming a part of diverse cohort.

Saumen Mondal

Senior Design Engineer II, 
Microchip Technologies