In my perception, I am an eclectic leader who aspires to breathe life into sustainable systems of all kinds, systems that make our world an even better place to live in! Currently a full-time salesperson, over the past 10 years, I have played the role of an Enterprise IT Architect, a Software Engineer and a Television Anchor. I am a film/photography enthusiast and also an active volunteer lead in Tata Group’s CSR initiatives in the areas of primary education and agricultural advancement in India.

My core talent is my entrepreneurial instinct and it shows up in everything that I do.


My friends often think of me as an action-oriented workaholic who somehow has lot of fun while “working”. Well, You only live once, right? J So, every moment should count!


Why did you choose PGPpro programme?

On career front, lately, I have had these coveted yet risky opportunities presenting themselves which invariable challenge me to reinvent myself. So, I start my search for a sturdy, well-crafted learning regime that could help me expand my horizon and hone my business acumen to make most of these precious opportunities before me! This is when I come across ISB’s PGPpro programme.

To me, ISB’s PGPpro, truly seemed tailor-made to my current learning needs!

This programme gives me an incredible opportunity to realize the true essence of my learning and also positions me so much better to reflect on my strengths and areas of improvement!

Today, as a PGPpro student at ISB, what I learn from some of the best minds in the world over the weekends, is what I bring to life at work on the weekdays!

I have now set for myself a new learning goal of being a well-rounded human being who is also an astute business leader.


Sikta Misra

Business Development Manager
PGPpro Class of 2021 | Hyderabad Cohort