With 12 years of experience across sectors, I bring expertise in Marketing, Branding, Business Development and Communications. My passion for bringing about positive changes in people, places and environments has translated into corporate training, which I do whenever time and circumstance permit me.

My professional history shows experience with some of the biggest brands be it in media or the IT industry, such as Disney, Times Of India, Capgemini and others. I have leveraged my skills to become an expert in the area of Business Development, as I have worked in sales, marketing, branding and content creation giving me well rounded knowledge in each aspect of business development.

Ultimately due to my style of leadership, I have repeatedly played the role of a “Positive Change Catalyst” in my teams and organizations. I strive to always use the skills I have learnt and honed to create a positive impact upon the environment I am part of.

Lastly, my passion towards helping people has led me to work with various NGO’s and mentor young individuals who are underprivileged or even those from more privileged backgrounds. My motto and aim is “Empowerment”, be it women, youth or others.

Why did you choose PGPpro programme?

My journey clearly displays constant learning and growth, which led me to the PGPpro programme. At ISB not only do I get to learn from word class faculty, but I also get to interact with a number of experienced professionals from various industries, sectors and profiles. My aim is to widen the horizons of my mind and knowledge through constant interaction with my peers and the faculty at this esteemed institute. Combining my creative, analytical and logical bent of mind with the skills learnt at ISB, I look forward to emerging from this course as a well-qualified leader who has knowledge about the workings of many more industries, sectors and environments. 

Taru Girdonia

Head of Business Development & Marketing

VSD Eduventures Pvt. Ltd
CedarwoodAfterschool Program

PGPpro Class of 2021 | Hyderabad Cohort