Vivek Das is a Senior Product Owner at SAP working on S4HANA Cloud – The SaaS edition of SAP S4HANA ERP.

On a high level, I assess the execution plan for 3 releases, break down the development requirements into smaller user stories for teams to build the product. I review the deliverables and approve the same for customer release. I am responsible for 3 scrum Teams and ensure the deliverables from my unit meet all KPIs and compliances requirements laid down by SAP.

Additionally, I liaison with customers and partners to understand their requirements and put it down in the product roadmap. I work closely with Sales, Go to Market units, internal development teams and other technical units to ensure smooth execution on the bigger vision on S4HANA Cloud. I am responsible for development productivity improvement and ensure the same by taking appropriate decisions.

Why did you choose PGPpro program?

Working at SAP has given me multiple opportunities to learn and grow over the years. Being at a mid-career level, I was looking to enhance my business knowledge and network with industry experts. Looking at the curriculum ISB has outlined for the PGPpro program, I was pretty sure these are the core areas I need to understand in management and become competent in for moving up the career ladder and make informed decisions. Additionally, this would help me keep my current job and be able to apply the learning during the course of time. After talking to a few alums, I concluded that ISB PGPpro program is the right fit for me given both my personal and professional commitments. 

Vivek Das

Senior Product Owner