Workshops on Indo-Pacific Cooperation

The Indian School of Business in partnership with The U.S. Consulate General, Hyderabad, organised a series of activities throughout the year 2021 to arrive at a Joint Vision between India and the U.S. for the Indo-Pacific Region in the Post-Covid-19 World Order.

Due to the global pandemic, the frameworks for global and regional cooperation goes beyond security and sovereignty considerations to put people’s survival and wellbeing, both at the individual and societal level, at the centre stage. Many of the emerging challenges need a global outlook and in this context, the Indo-Pacific region, which is home of more than 50 percent of the global population and rich in mineral and marine resources, play an important role. The geo-strategic and asymmetric challenges in the context of the Indo-Pacific region needs to be relooked.

Duly supported by a generous grant by the U.S. Consulate Hyderabad, ISB organised multiple interactions with media and civil society over the year. 

Journalists Workshop

1st Journalists' Workshop

Indo-Pacific Regional Cooperation: Contestations, Continuities and Change

International Relations Scholars’ workshop

Intl Relations Scholars’ workshop

Prospects and Challenges to Development Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

Second Edition of Journalists’ Workshop

2nd Journalists’ Workshop

Indo-Pacific Development Cooperation in the changing paradigm of International Relations