Academic Associate - Hyderabad

Recruitment open for the role of Academic Associates under ISB’s two years AACP( Academic Associates’ Certification Programme):

Hyderabad: AACP 2022-23

Domains and No. of Positions

  • Accounting  - 1
  • Finance and Economics - 1
  • Marketing - 1
  • Informationm Technology - 1
  • Organisation Behaviour- 1
  • Strategy & Leadership - 1

Shortlisting and interview process for AACP 2022-23 will commence Sep 2022.

Role and responsibilities of “Academic Associates”

Role of the Academic Associate

Academic Associates play an important role of being the interface between the faculty and the students for academic and course administering processes. The AA is crucial link in ensuring high levels of quality in grading and in class and offline coordination among the faculty, students and other ASA Officials.

Course related:

  • Coordinate with Prof/ASA to ensure course outline as well as course pack is intact and updated.
  • Reading the course material and understanding the objective and content of the course
  • Taking care of student Class Attendance (As per the assigned layout)
  • Awarding Class Participation marks (If needs to be recorded as defined by the faculty)
  • Make available session material (+ logistical support in case of in-class activities) assignments, quizzes on LMS and arrange for handouts, if required - As prescribed by the Professor.
  • Tutorials, if need be
  • Course Grading as per the key and rubric shared by Professor(Applicable to all components that can include assignments, quizzes and term exams). Re-evaluation upon request.
  • Paper-viewing/Feedback Comments as per requirement.
  • Addressing student queries on the course.
  • Updating LMS with course material, assignment folders and student marks+ feedback
  • Ensure that the honour code practices are followed. Escalate it to the faculty/ASA, in case of discrepancies.
  • Check of "All Issues Closure" for each component on timeline basis for the term

Other responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with Co-AA’s on the facilitation of the course
  • Coordinate with Team ASA on the facilitation of the course
  • Exam invigilation
  • Supporting and ensuring completion of Academic audit for the course/s allocated

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