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Content Developer/Graphic Designer



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BIPP, ISB, Mohali

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Job Purpose

You will have a strong creative vision and relentlessly elevate the output of the communications team and be able to collaborate across a variety of internal teams to understand project requirements and achieve deliverables.

Job  Outline

·         You will be aligned with project communications, content design and project teams and support them with the creating/designing products for various communications and outreach activities.


  • You will be responsible for content creation, curation and deployment of various communications tools and training modules. Content will include videos, animation, images and written content.


  • You will be responsible for creating content and designing them for various channels.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience/Skills

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in graphic designing, mass Communications, editing, journalism or a related field.

·         2-5 years of progressively complex industry experience in the design and management of various types of content

·         Proficient with HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Macromedia flash, Apple (I-Mac), animation software such as Flash and video editing tools

·         Comfortable in shooting videos and handling professional camera


·         Fresh graduates with demonstrable technical skills may also be considered at the intern level.

·         Understanding of both digital and traditional design

·         Good knowledge of visual design (user experience, color theory, layout, type and fonts, hierarchy)

·         A keen eye for detail

·         Creativity skills and problem-solving aptitude


Job Interface/Relationships:



§   Dedicated project personnel

§   Other BIPP personnel

§   Other ISB teams and projects

§   External partners

§   Consultants


Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


§   Design various content to suit multiple communication tools in consultation with communications team, broader project team and users by working in Adobe Creative Suite, Apple (I-mac) and other applicable systems to produce final designs (e.g.  like leaflet, brochures, videos, online training modules, presentations, banners etc.).

§   Video shooting

§   Writing and editing of content material for communication and outreach




§   Provide day-to-day design recommendations for the various programs




§   Have a strong creative understanding and continuously enhance the output of the communications team




Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities


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