PMU Lead with Bharti Institute of Public Policy

PMU Lead with Bharti Institute of Public Policy

Job Title:

PMU (Project Management Unit) Lead


Bharti Institute of Public Policy (BIPP)

Reports to position:

Executive Director



Reportees to Position:

Operations Specialist(s), Systems Administrator, Communications Specialist, (Market) Research Specialist (indicative list)




Women’s empowerment & rural prosperity through forest-based livelihoods – Odisha - Overview

The collaboration between Dept. of Mission Shakti, Govt. of Odisha & ISB-BIPP is for women’s empowerment and rural prosperity through forest-based livelihoods. The collaboration for the six districts of Odisha, i.e., Malkangiri, Koraput, Rayagada, Nabrangpur, Mayurbhanj & Kendujhar, is aimed for building a sustainable and thriving forest-based economy, anchored in secure tenure, through multi-stakeholder partnerships amongst a) communities and women-led community-owned enterprises as suppliers of forest-based raw material at scale, b) industry as purchasers of the raw materials through formal and competitive channels and c) government as facilitators of livelihoods and creation of jobs & wealth at the bottom of the pyramid; built on sustainable management and regeneration of community-owned forest landscapes.


Job Purpose

  • The Project Lead will play a key enabling role in realizing the vision for this collaboration in the six districts of Odisha. She/He will be responsible for leading a team to operationalize key initiatives, through multi-government-stakeholder engagement, for enabling a sustainable forest economy with women’s empowerment, rural prosperity and thriving forest landscapes.
  • She/He will be based in Bhubaneswar and will lead the Project Management Unit within the office of Dept. of Mission Shakti, Govt. of Odisha.
  • The success of the collaboration depends on multiple stakeholders across different government departments and communities working together and, the Project Lead will be responsible for enabling a cohesive and effective working together over the three year period for realizing outcomes.  


Job  Outline

  • The PMU Lead will set up the Project Management Unit (PMU) within the Dept of Mission Shakti, Government of Odisha. The incumbent will be responsible for the functioning of this PMU over a three year period. She/He will ensure and enable the operationalizing of the forest economy model in the six districts through Mission Shakti.
  • Dept. of Mission Shakti will anchor the initiative within Government of Odisha and will enable collaboration amongst multiple departments toward the initiative’s objectives. The incumbent will interact and work closely with team members of Mission Shakti at the State, District & Block levels. She/He will support and work with Mission Shakti for operationalizing the key interventions under the forest economy initiative. (The incumbent will operationalize the key interventions – communities’ secure tenure, inventory mapping in community-owned forest landscapes, women led and community owned enterprises, market linkages and technology to enhance value capture and efficiencies in operations at each level).
  • She/He will also be required to work closely with the nodal personnel from multiple departments of Government of Odisha for progress on all the major interventions. She/He will work continuously with the ISB teams in the districts and enable the operationalizing of the interventions through the required government stakeholder engagement.
  • The incumbent will work closely with the rest of ISB’s team working under the Initiative on the Forest Economy; this will include team members in the verticals for technology, market linkage, community enterprise and knowledge management, communications & outreach (KMCO).
  • The incumbent, through her/his team at the Project Management Unit (PMU) will ensure continuous communication amongst all the stakeholders. The incumbent will lead the required KMCO at different levels of state, district, block and local - supported by the KMCO team at ISB, Hyderabad.
  • In addition, the incumbent will be required to be in sync with the rest of ISB’s engagements with the Government of Odisha and harness opportunities from synergies as they emerge.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Postgraduate/ Graduate
  • Experience in working with State/Central Governments – in design, planning and research or execution of government schemes/programmes
  • Demonstrated ability in cross-functional working to navigate between multiple departments/stakeholders in design and/or execution
  • Experience in working with Self Help Groups will be an added advantage
  • Ability to speak in Odiya will be an added advantage.

Over 7 years


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • ISB Team members
  • BIPP personnel
  • Departments within ISB for facilitation of the initiative’s interventions
  • Mission Shakti teams in Bhubaneswar, districts and blocks
  • Government Stakeholders from multiple State departments : at State, district, block and levels
  • Companies and Institutions



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Setting up of the PMU and enabling hiring of key resources for the PMU and in the six districts and, human resources’ management



Networking with and working closely with government leadership towards enabling the activities and outcomes for the PMU



Lead the PMU team for operationalizing the interventions in the six districts



Enable and facilitate effective Knowledge Management, Communications & Outreach through the State PMU team and central team at ISB, Hyderabad



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities



How to apply

ISB is committed to diversity at the workplace, and strongly encourages applications from women and minority candidates.

Upload your application on this link here. Please upload your updated CV and a cover letter (no more than 500 words) discussing your motivation and why do you think you are a good fit for this position.

Please note: Only applications sent through this link will be accepted. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Applicants will be contacted only if shortlisted for an interview.

In case of any issues in uploading, please write to with the subject line “Application for PMU Lead - Odisha”.