Research Associate with Professor Anand Vijayasankaran

Role: Research Associate

Location: Hyderabad (On-Site)

No of Openings: 1

Faculty Name: Professor Anand Vijayasankaran

Academic Area: Organizational Behaviour

Research Summary of the Faculty:

Professor Anand Vijayasankaran:

Anand Ramaswamy is an Assistant Professor in the Organizational Behaviour area. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Illinois. His research interests include strategic leadership, media coverage and corporate governance.

About ISB

The Indian School of Business (ISB) evolved from the need for a world-class business school in Asia. The founders, some of the best minds from the corporate and academic worlds, anticipated the leadership needs of the emerging Asian economies. The ISB is committed to creating such leaders through its innovative programs, outstanding faculty, and thought leadership. 
The Indian School of Business (ISB) provides a robust environment that generates high-quality research that is both contemporary and rigorous.

About this Position:

This role gives you an opportunity to work on projects relating to strategic leadership (including CEOs and top management teams), media coverage, and corporate governance. This position is ideal for candidates who wish to enrol in a highly ranked PhD program in strategic leadership, organizational behavior, or economic sociology. Knowledge of Python or STATA is a must.

Roles & Responsibilities:

You will:

  • Assistance to the faculty – Assisting in their ongoing research work which includes the development of analytical models, solution algorithms, and designing of computational experiments.
  • Data compilation - Scraping data from websites or documents and compilation into usable formats for analysis.
  • Database management – Linking different datasets, ensuring data quality, and processing raw data into processed datasets for modelling and estimation.
  • Spatial analysis - Compiling and processing data within a spatial framework, including extracting data from roasters, vectorization of attribute data, and visual representation in the form of maps.
  • Synthesis - Literature search and review, summary, presentation, and analytical writing.
  • Quantitative modelling - Econometric analysis for exploratory data analysis and causal estimation, including visualization and reporting, along with sound knowledge in signal processing/latent models.
  • Conduct market and economic analysis and prepare reports to harvest data and generate presentable insights from the data.
  • Statistical and forecasting models - Read and summarize technical and academic research relevant to the program, create Map/Supply Chain Images, and track real-time data.

Required Skills and Qualifications:


  • B Tech from IIT, NIT, or BITS (preferably in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Industrial Engineering)
  • Master’s in Economics/Sociology or B.Tech 
  • MBA/ PGDBM from premier institutions like IIMs/Others.


  • Experience working with big data systems, concepts, and tools.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, with attention to every detail.
  • Strong team player with cross-functional skills.
  • Experience with noisy and/or unstructured textual data.
  • Strong coding proficiency in Python and Stata is a must.
  • Knowledge of various text mining algorithms and their use cases as well. as text pre-processing and normalization techniques.
  • Excellent problem-solving and multi-tasking skills.
  • Exposure to economic problems and econometric techniques desirable.
  • Motivation to learn and a strong work ethic.

Our Commitment towards you:

ISB is a research-focused business school. It offers a variety of opportunities to understand the current management phenomena in depth, through research brown-bag seminars, workshops, and PhD-level courses. It provides several options to hone a person’s analytical skills.

Along with the competitive salary and plethora of employee benefits, ISB hosts a world-class Learning Resource Centre in the entire Asia, Comprehensive Health and Personal Accident Cover for you and your family members. ISB believes in creating a truly inclusive culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion for everyone through our ideas and collaborations.

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