Research Analyst with Prof. Parshuram Hotkar


Job Title:

Research Analyst



Name of Job Holder:

Research Analyst



Reports to position:

Prof. Parshuram Hotkar

Reportees to Position:

Interns on project basis


Job Purpose

Prof. Parshuram Hotkar is looking for a full-time research analyst with expertise in the following areas: (i) Pharmaceutical regulation, (ii) Econometrics, (iii) Health Economics. Prior experience in pharmaceutical policies and regulated economies is preferred.

The successful candidate will be responsible for following activities: (i) conducting secondary research of academic as well as policy/practitioner literature, (ii) creating databases, (iii) writing reports and white papers, (iv) drafting policy briefs.


Job Outline

The analyst will work closely with Prof. Parshuram Hotkar from Operations Management.

The analyst will lead the review of reports, research articles, whitepapers, and datasets to assess the quality drivers of Indian pharmaceuticals. In addition, the analyst will assist in identifying and creating dataset repository to study the trends in quality drivers and consequences of Indian pharmaceuticals. A key part of the job will involve writing policy briefs, white papers and manuscripts related to pharmaceutical regulations.

About the project:

The global pharmaceutical industry generated $1.25 trillion in revenue in 2020 and is expected to reach $1.57 trillion by 2023. While the sector continues to grow, India has emerged as one of the leading pharmaceutical drug producers worldwide. As the leader in generic drugs, India supplies over 50% of the global need for various vaccines, 40% of the generic demand in the US, and 25% of all medicines in the UK, and 20% of the global generic market. Despite being a key player in global pharmaceutical suppliers, the quality regulation in India has faced critique frequently. Being one of the largest pharmaceutical players globally, it is paramount to understand how quality is regulated within the Indian pharmaceutical industry and this project aims the same.