RA with Prof Sumanta Singha

The Indian School of Business wants to recruit promising young researchers in the discipline of Accounting, Finance, Economics and Public Policy, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, and Strategy. We seek applications from motivated individuals with a strong academic background to work as Research Associates at ISB. Research Associates (RA) generally go on to pursue Masters/Ph.D. in internationally renowned schools after working at ISB.

This is a RA position available with Prof Sumanta Singha (Information Systems) for two years. The candidate is expected to have proficiency in data-science/machine-learning and will have the opportunity to learn and use advanced methods for natural-language processing and social network analysis. Those who have advanced analytical and/or statistical skills and have a desire to publish in peer-reviewed journals are encouraged to apply.

Position Details:

·         The candidate will assist the professors in analysing large, scaled data.  

·         The project will involve extracting data through API calls, data pre-processing, and analysing data that is distributed on the cloud. 

·         Work will require good programming skills, mathematical understanding and statistical skills. 

·         The position is full-time.

·         This position is a great fit if you are looking to do a PhD in the future. It will also a great start for a career in data science roles.

·         Preferred joining date is at the earliest.

·         The candidate will also have an opportunity to take PhD level classes at ISB.

·         Experience of participating in hackathon and journal publication will be an advantage.


Required Qualifications and Skills:

·         Strong academic background in any of Computer Science/ Information Systems/ Statistics with demonstrated analytical and communication skills. 

·         Working knowledge of programming languages Python (preferred) and/or R is essential. 

·         Experience with APIs and strong understanding of extracting data through APIs. Should be conversant with working on a cloud environment.

·         Should enjoy programming and working with large data in distributed environments.

·         The candidate must have high standards in terms of quality of work, attention to detail, ability to multi-task and absolute commitment to task completion.

·         Ability to work diligently on tasks that may be tedious but are crucial for projects. 



ISB is a research focused business school. It offers a variety of opportunities to understand the current management phenomena in depth, through research seminars, workshops, and PhD-level courses. It provides several options to hone a person’s analytical skills. The hands-on research experience is helpful as the candidate starts his/her own research in the field. The position offers a competitive salary along with other benefits (CTC). 


Location: Hyderabad

Vacancy: 1

If interested, please email your CV to careers_ra_fd@isb.edu clearly indicating your CGPA or percentage score, undergraduate and graduate level transcripts. Feel free to add additional links to your project portfolio/ github/ website, if any. Please mention “Research Associate for Prof Sumanta Singha” in the subject line.


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