RA with Professor Apoorva Javadekar

The ISB Research Associate Program: ISB hosts a cutting edge 2-year Research Associate Program within its Finance and Economics division. This is akin to pre-doctoral programs run by many research universities where students work alongside professors and typically pursue Ph.D. in Finance/Economics after that. This is a unique setting where candidates can attend Ph.D. courses that are offered on the ISB campus such as Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, and Econometrics. We invite applications from motivated individuals with a strong analytical academic background to work as full-time Research Associate at ISB. Research Associates (RA) are expected to work for a span of 2 years and generally apply for the Ph.D. programs in their second year of RA program.

Position Details:

We announce opening of one RA position in Finance Area with Professor Apoorva Javadekar (https://sites.google.com/site/apoorvajavadekar/) for a span of 2-years. Prof. Javadekar holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Boston University and has previously worked as a Research Director at Reserve Bank of India before moving to ISB. His research is being presented in many top academic conferences including American Finance Association, Society of Financial Studies Meetings, Stockholm Big Data Conference just to name few. His current collaborators and co-authors come from diverse set of universities including Columbia Business School, University of Southern California, University of Maryland, Leeds Business School, Miami Business School to name a few. This offers a candidate not only to learn under terrific set of researchers but also allow them to make vital connections in the academic circles.

Professor Javadekar’s research focuses on Banking, Mutual Funds, and International Trade. Please visit the website to learn more about the current and ongoing projects. Some of the ongoing projects includes “Learning from Prospectuses” where he studies the role of a mutual fund prospectus in shaping benchmarks against which investor evaluate the managers, “Financial Integration Through Production Networks”, where he and his coauthors explore how shocks to banking industry interact with the inter-corporate liquidity via trade credit channel.

Work Description:

The candidate will assist the professor in the ongoing research work which includes data-collection, data-cleaning, literature review, and data analysis. Typical datasets include large panel of banks, firms, and mutual funds. Few datasets are readily available such as MCA/PROWESS/COMPUSTAT/CRSP datasets. But some needs to be harvested through web-scrapping and API queries or hand collection. Candidate will use various econometric techniques to analyze the data including causality regressions (Differences-in Differences, Regression Discontinuity etc.). Some projects might include theoretical models which needs to be numerically solved on Matlab or Python.

Required Qualifications and Skills:

1) This position is a good fit for a candidate looking to pursue a PhD in Finance or Economics.

2) Masters’ degree in Economics/Finance/Statistics/Econometrics/Mathematics/Physics or engineering (electrical, signal processing, computer science), or 4-year bachelor degree in mathematics/physics

3) Strong background in mathematics

4) MATLAB/STATA/Python coding skills is essential.

5) Knowledge of writing API queries/Web-Scraping algorithms, Machine Learning/AI or textual analysis is an added advantage

6) Signal processing/latent models  

Location: Hyderabad

Vacancy: 1

Expected Joining Date: At earliest or no later than 15th July.


Candidate is expected to join the program on ISB’s Hyderabad campus. Candidate will be provided with the hardware and software support, and a working desk

This is a full-time position with earliest possible joining date. If interested, please email your CV to careers_ra_fd@isb.edu,clearly indicating your CGPA or percentage score, undergraduate and graduate level transcripts. Feel free to add additional links to your project portfolio/github/ website, if any. Please mention “Research Associate – Apoorva Javadekar” in the subject line. 

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