Senior Content Developer

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Senior Content Developer



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BIPP, ISB, Mohali

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Job Purpose

They must be a creative thinker to conceptualize and curate content, and then have the organizational mind to create a plan of action. Design, build and manage the content types for a national-level audience.

Job  Outline


·         You will be aligned with our communications and project teams and help us in dealing with the end to end communications and outreach activities.


  • You will be working as a part of Communications Content Design & Development team which is responsible for the creation, curation and deployment of various communications tools and training modules.


  • You will be in-charge of supervising efforts for video editing, animation creation, video shooting and creation of training videos.


  • You will be responsible for content writing and are required to have experience in creating content and have excellent written/communication skills.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience/Skills

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, Mass Communications, English or a related field.

·         5-7 years of progressively complex industry experience in the design and management of various types of content

·         Ability to work both independently and with a team

·         Good digital communication skills

·         Excellent written and verbal skills

·         Analytical skills

·         An eye for detail

·         Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously

·         Proficiency with content management software

·         Basic knowledge of HTML

·         Advanced knowledge of Search Engine Optimization

·         Proficient in Adobe Photoshop/Apple (I-Mac) tools


·         Content experience can range from experience in corporate writing /editing/creating content or mass media publishing.

·         Familiarity with Project management software

·         Graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop

·         Video creating and editing skills

·         Slideshow software, such as Microsoft Powerpoint

·         Animation Software, such as Flash



Job Interface/Relationships:



§   Closely working with Communications Lead

§   Dedicated project personnel

§   Other BIPP personnel

§   Other ISB teams and projects

§   External partners

§   Consultants


Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Develop, write and design content for the India Data Portal, brochures, leaflets, blogposts, web graphics, videos, animations etc in consultation with the communications lead as well as broader project team.  



Designing the content types and ensuring their conformity with the SEO needs



Responsible for creating an editorial calendar in consultation with the communications lead to establish when content will be distributed and through which channels.



Be an analytics aficionado to monitor key performance indicators to ensure content performs as expected.



Keeping abreast of latest technology and process developments



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities


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