Senior Manager- Business Operations - SRITNE

Senior Manager – Business Operations

Job Title:

Sr. Manager – Business Operations



Reportees to Position:

Administrative Assistant



Reports to position:

Associate Director



Job Purpose

Support with management of all aspects of execution and delivery of the centre’s ongoing research initiatives and educational programs with government and industry

Job  Outline

At ISB, SRITNE plays a key role in driving research and education related to issues of technology adoption, exploitation, and management. Key focus areas of the centre include data analytics, digital transformation of firms and governments, technology innovation and entrepreneurship, and technology products and the IT/ ITeS industry. The jobholder, as Sr. Manager – Business Operations, will report to the Associate Director and effectively manage the business operations of the center as described below, but not limited to:


Research Administration: The jobholder will need to provide necessary support for ongoing research projects through active coordination with external survey administration partners, donor agencies / sponsors, and internal research teams. He/she ensures timely fulfillment of financial & legal documentation requirements for research projects, updation and maintenance of research in project management software. The jobholder will also need to coordinate efforts with the team of researchers, provide necessary resources to ensure research continuity and throughput, among others. The role will also provide support to Associate Director for hiring Researchers, Technical Analysts, and Interns.


Program Management: For ongoing programmes at the centre, the jobholder is responsible for efficient and responsive communication with programme faculty, responding to programme enquiries, responsive communication, and interaction with programme participants on the phone and on email as well as in person. He/she needs to ensure completion of necessary documentation with the participants and as necessary for internal stakeholders. The jobholder will also need to prepare and organize class scheduling, online and on-campus module in as desired by the faculty. The jobholder needs to work on collating, maintaining, and reporting of programme statistics and data. In addition, he/she should demonstrate superior time management and planning skills for the flawless execution of programmes: facilities booking, classrooms and study material availability. The jobholder needs to also manage programme exigencies, unplanned activities, secure timely feedback & compilation, coordinating with external service providers & internal support departments. He/she will also contribute to escalation and resolution of individual participant and program-related issues. The jobholder needs to coordinate with marketing communication to ensure regular program updates on social media, communicating with prospective candidates, regular email blasts with new themes and giving inputs for developing new e-marketing materials. He/she also needs to ensure that the programme expenses are tracked and bills are presented to Finance for approval and bills settlement.


Centre Operations: The jobholder will also provide oversight to various administrative activities and tasks of the centre.


The jobholder will be responsible for coordination with center’s Executive Director, Associate Director and Faculty.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience


Ability to communicate, coordinate and consult with diverse stakeholders.


Proficient in English Language written and verbal communication as well as comprehension. Proficient in MS Office and other productivity tools.


Minimum 8 years of experience in operations or execution role with a direct impact on service delivery to end clients.


Analytical and problem-solving skills, leadership potential, agility and enthusiasm. Demonstrable capability of being a team player and resourceful in managing challenges.


Information gathering skills, understanding of basic office administrative processes, high level of technology literacy, particularly internet, social media and data-driven decision-making.

Past experience in execution, coordination and administration of large programs or projects


Project Management experience in Learning & Development of large technology organizations



Job Interface/Relationships:



  • All departments


  • External Vendors & Stakeholders essential for Programs
  • Market Research Agencies
  • Prospective & Current Program Participants

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