Associate Director - SEAL

Job Title:

Associate Director – SEAL



Reports to position:

Director – SEAL



Reportees to Position:

Manager, Associates




Job Purpose

To plan, manage and drive the Learning and Development (L&D) activities aimed at developing professional competencies, and requisite skill sets, for all incoming and current students of the PGP, PGPpro, PGPMAX, and PGPMFAB.


To harvest suitable avenues for application and testing of classroom learning through alumni and corporate outreach and create knowledge driven content that can be utilised for coming classes.


To mentor, guide and enable students to enhance their knowledge at ISB and apply their learning in real business environment through Experiential Learning Programme (ELP).



Job Outline

At ISB, Student Engagement and Applied Learning (SEAL) is committed to creating a holistic learning environment for all academic programmes.


The jobholder as Associate Director – SEAL, reports to the Director - SEAL and will be the overall in charge of the Learning & Development (L&D) vertical within SEAL. The AD in charge of L&D will perform a set of key responsibilities which enable the development of opportunities for students to apply and augment their in-classroom learning, and planning and driving initiatives for promoting student learning outside the classroom. The position works closely with students in connecting them to ISB alumni through targeted career and professional development programs. The incumbent will have the ability to work on both small and large projects and multitask across various parallel interventions at various stages of development/execution.


This role is very crucial for the school as it helps temper student expectations from ISB as an institution via accurate and timely information, guidance, and well-crafted interventions that set the correct tone, and help elevate their b-school experience.


Specifically, the role entails:


Designing Learning & Development interventions:


The incumbent will work with ISB alumni, PGP and modular programme students, Career Advancement Services (CAS) and corporate stakeholders to design interventions that will help current students bridge the gap between their pre-ISB profiles, and their post-ISB aspirations.


This position requires expertise in gleaning the learning requirements of students from across industry and functional verticals and customizing applied learning deliverables accordingly. The incumbent must also have the ability to engage with and leverage support from the alumni, collaborate with various CAS CRs, and build relationships with corporate stakeholders to get timely and relevant inputs to plan the L&D activities. S/he will also be required to mentor professional student clubs in terms of the L&D requirements of their respective cohorts.

Managing and growing Learning & Development portfolio at SEAL


Apart from designing relevant interventions, the job holder needs to manage and grow the entire portfolio for such interventions. S/he needs to actively network with alumni, from across all academic programmes, and continuously look for new ways to improve upon existing interventions by requesting feedback and seeking inputs. S/he needs to play a key role in working with corporate stakeholders to develop creative and innovative learning activities (viz workshops, case studies, etc.) pertaining to the various job roles aspired to by current students. This includes creating a repository of all learning interventions in a format to be leveraged for future classes. Improve upon and manage the Student Growth Accelerator (SGA) and Knowledge Management Portal (KMP) to make them more exhaustive, intuitive and position them as the go to knowledge resources.


The job holder also oversees the budget for L&D, and that requisite support in terms of organizing manpower, finance, administrative arrangements and any other assistance towards creating interventions is available without hassle.


The current L&D portfolio at ISB that the incumbent would be expected to manage and develop includes (but is not limited to):

•          One-to-Many Alumni Careers Overview programs

•          One-to-One Alumni-Student Goal Setting programs

•          Resume and career workshops (Resume Writing, Mock-interviews Skills, etc.)

•          Facilitating professional and career development workshops for students as needed

•          Student-Alumni Mentoring and networking programs

•          Managing Knowledge Management Portal (KMP), the intra-net based careers portal


New Programs Design & Execution


To increase the impact on learning and subsequent career prospects of students, the incumbent will be responsible for the identification and development of new innovative programs, recruitment of trainers and providers and program implementation. The job holder needs to continuously leverage on the alumni and industry relationships to draw upon the experiences of the companies during recruitments, specifically for PGP, PGPpro, and PGPMAX students.


Designing and Executing Interventions for New Admits


To help admitted students make the most of their ISB programmes, the incumbent will be responsible for designing L&D interventions creating a learning base for new admits. S/he will need to assess career aspirations and development needs of all admitted students via primary research tools, leverage these as inputs to design online training modules to be undertaken before a student joins the course, and manage the executions of these modules end to end, finishing with the collection of feedback on every intervention executed.

Academic Programs Orientation

The incumbent is responsible for designing and delivering the Orientation for all the academic programmes, so as to create a seamless transition from corporate to campus, and set the context for, the engagement and applied learning activities to take place throughout the length of the programme. S/he will need to collaborate with various key stakeholders including Faculty, respective program Alumni, Admissions, FARO and ASA, and all the support departments, to ensure effective planning and delivery. Specifically, for PGP, s/he will need to work with LEAD faculty to help synergize LEAD curriculum and L&D pathways. S/he will also need to design the activity calendar, plan the budget, and manage the on-ground execution of the entire programme.


  • The incumbent needs to work towards building awareness about L&D activities on an on-going basis, and marketing the interventions internally to the relevant audience (PGP, PGPpro, PGPMAX, and MFAB)
  • S/he is responsible for managing all the activities within the planned budget.
  • In order to ensure effective execution of the job, s/he is also required to train team members and provide the guidance and support they require to perform their job effectively.
  • The incumbent will be responsible for BD activities and sourcing relevant consulting projects for the Experiential Learning Programme. S/he is required to mentor students to help them gain a holistic perspective in handling business situations across sectors. The job holder is expected to guide and lead the team that supports students with their credit courses, grading and evaluation for every student.
  • S/he should collaborate with the team at Mohali Campus to ensure that the activities common across the campuses are handled smoothly and in tandem.

Job Specification



MBA from a top-tier institute preferred



Project Assessment,

Industry Sector Analysis / exposure, Mentoring, Coaching, Innovation,


Excellent interpersonal skills; excellent communication skills, People management, Innovation, Attention to Detail, Willing to take the extra step always, Receptive to new ideas, Pleasant, Enjoys working with people, service orientation


Prior experience working with graduate students in learning-oriented role


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Within SEAL, specifically with L&D and other applied learning activities. With relevant faculty for inputs on various initiatives. With CAS and Alumni Relations for industry interface and positioning of these initiatives. Collaborate with all the academic program administrators, current students, and alumni to better assess learning objectives, and the requirements to achieve those.


  • Establish contact and actively engage with Alumni to involve them in designing the learning interventions. Build, nurture, grow and further develop relationships with heads/ senior executives of corporates, foundations, and other recruiters, for inputs regarding industry requirements. Solicit partnership opportunities with similar programmes in other universities to create a knowledge eco-system that can be mutually beneficial.



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Design and customize learning interventions that would help leverage both user-generated content, as well as content curated by industry and academia, in a cohesive manner. Improve upon and manage existing knowledge repositories, KMP and SGA, and position them effectively.



Relationship Management with Alumni, Industry and faculty for content insights, and new programme development



Mentor activities of the relevant Student Clubs and provide key inputs to other Applied Learning initiatives





Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Design L&D Interventions

Frequency, nature and quality of L&D interventions held for incoming and current students

·         Number of interventions held

·         Student participation

·         Student feedback



Management of Practicum course– ELP

Satisfied clients and students

Assignment of projects

·         Number of projects added

·         Client/ student rating

·         Meeting Deadline to assign projects



Reports and relevant content created

Written, as well as, audio-visual content that can be documented for use for future classes; Make KMP and SGA more exhaustive and insightful

·         Number of content pieces created

·         Quality of content

·         Student response



Outreach and Relationship Management

Outcome of engagement and relationship development with relevant alumni and industry leaders

·         % increase in no. of alumni participating in L&D interventions

·         % increase in the no. of corporate sponsored/devised L&D interventions



Mentoring Professional Club activities

Nature, frequency and quality of support enlisted

·         Student feedback



Develop team’s capability

Performance improvement of team members on required SEAL specific competencies

·         Effective execution of assigned tasks by concerned team members




Any Other Significant Input

We are looking for a person with MBA and about 8-10 years of total experience. Multi-sector exposure will be an added advantage. Candidate should preferably be from a premier Business School with excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills. The candidate must be proficient at data analysis and insights, and designing primary research templates for soliciting inputs and feedback. The incumbent must also be adept at leveraging secondary academic and industry research to curate insights. Exposure to multiple domains will be an advantage. Experience in professional/higher education is preferred.

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