­­­Director – Academic Services and Administration

Job Title:

Director -Academic Services and Administration




Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Deputy Dean, Academic Programmes



Reportees to Position:

AD – ASA PGP Hyderabad and Mohali campus, AD -ASA Modular, ASA Senior Managers




Job Purpose

Create a short term and long-term road map for seamless programme delivery of PGP, PGPMAX, PGPMFAB, PGPpro (all locations). Manage any disruptions or crisis in consultation with Deans. Provide a great learning environment to students across PGP, PGPMAX, PGPMFAB, PGPpro (all locations) and ensure great support to faculty members teaching in the different programmes.


Job Outline

The primary responsibility is to create a short term and long-term road map and implement the plan to ensure that the learning outcomes of the different programmes are met adequately. The incumbent manages assigned teams across the two campuses and team members in the three off campus locations (Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and New Delhi).

The incumbent is also responsible for maintaining and strengthening relationships with the different international immersion partners based in USA, UK, Spain and Singapore.

She/he should be able to work on multiple programmes at the same time and manage the various deliverables, concerns and any crisis that arises during the programme delivery in consultation with the Deputy Dean -Academic programmes.

As a senior member of the ISB management team, the incumbent will be participating and bringing in strategic insights in school level discussions regarding programmes.

She/he is responsible for planning to provide a smooth execution of programmes with high satisfaction levels with internal and external stakeholders of the school. She/he will be responsible for overseeing hiring and management of the Academic associates across both campuses.

She/he will work closely with the Academic committee, curriculum review committee, Honour code committee to provide data and insights based on the interactions with students and faculty across the programmes.

Program management:

The incumbent is responsible for ensuring smooth conduction of all the programmes. This includes designing and maintaining robust systems, processes including creation of avenues for automation to enable accurate and efficient programme delivery.

Create robust processes to ensure that the exams are conducted across different programmes in a fair manner and the grades are released based on the timelines planned.

Work closely with Internal audit team to look identify gaps in processes and provide a plan to address the gaps.

Provide the elective course lineup plan to faculty alignment office based on data analysis of the previous three years to enable elective planning. Ensure that the bidding system and processes are ready to help with a fair allocation of courses across students.

She/he should regularly connect with the students and representatives of student bodies to understand their challenges and counsel students to guide them through their academic journey as needed. The incumbent will also have regular interactions with all faculty members who are teaching in the various programs across different locations to see how the academic delivery can be enhanced.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Post-Graduation/MBA/ PhD.

Excellent communication, persuasion skills to work with several stakeholders within the school and outside the school, be process oriented and introduce new processes or make process improvements as and when needed.

Managing a highly diverse team across five locations.

Propose and bring strategic insights to enhance the different programme learning outcomes

20 years plus


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Admissions and Financial Aid
  • CAS
  • SEAL
  • Faculty alignment
  • Registrar Office
  • IAA Team
  • Dean’s office
  • Alumni Engagement
  • HR
  • LRC
  • International exchange partner schools
  • Visiting Faculty members
  • Area Leaders



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Create a PGP raodmap to deliver the programme seamlessly. Provide enhanced student learning experience and provide seamless support to faculty teaching.



Create a PGP Modular raodmap to deliver the programme seamlessly.  Provide enhanced student learning experience and provide seamless support to faculty teaching in the programmes



Work with the committees to execute the policy and process changes (Academic committee, Honour code committee and curriculum related committee)



Planning of International immersion and negotiations with partner school



Excellent team management to drive the desired learning outcomes for the different programmes



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities



Any Other Significant Input

The position requires working on some of the weekends and, from time-to-time travel to programme locations (domestic/international) for interaction with faculty and students and to ensure that the activities are seamlessly executed.