Associate Director with Information Technology


Job Title:

Associate Director – IT Operations & Projects


Information Technology (IT),

Reports to position:

Functional reporting : Director - IT

Administrative reporting : Director - IT



Reportees to Position:





Job Purpose

To ensure 99% uptime SLA for all the IT infra and services. Ensure best IT security monitoring and practices are implemented resulting in Zero security incidents. Plan and Implement IT infra and AV infra projects for upgradation and expansion.


Job  Outline


At ISB, Information Technology (IT) plays a key role in providing the requisite IT infrastructure facilities to all the stakeholders to drive its strategic objectives in its research, teaching, and business functions.


The jobholder as Associate Director – IT, reports to the Director - IT and performs a set of key responsibilities, which leads to the very effective and efficient delivery of IT services for smooth functioning of the school’s business on a day-to-day basis.   


S/he needs to continuously benchmark with other reputed institutes to implement the best practices. Interact with the school’s stakeholders and implement requirements/Suggestions by liaising with the appropriate vendors. The incumbent needs to review the day-to-day operational and service status with the team members/ service providers.





Job Specification


Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience


Graduate/ master’s degree in computers or Electronics & Communications Engg                                         

Data center operations, Network Project management & delivery. IT Security, MIS Reporting.

Interpersonal & negotiation skills, Team/Vendor Management, Influencing skills

10 to 15 years



MS O365, VMware, Cisco, Arista, Endpoint Security, SIEM & WAF tools.

3 to 5 years




3 to 5 years


Job Interface/Relationships:





  • Resident students, resident/ visiting faculty, spouses, program participants.
  • Dept. Heads and Users
  • ISB Procurement team
  • ISB IT Team
  • Vendors, IT Service Providers, OEMs
  • Board members, Guests, Visitors
  • Auditors




Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To ensure high standards of end user IT services. Adherence of 99% SLA for IT services. Ensure 99% uptime of all the IT services. Implement processes to ensure and continuously improve end user experience while dealing IT infra services.



To manage, continuously improve and monitor Data center operations and Network services to ensure 100% uptime.



To prepare and implement IT policies, tools to ensure security of the IT infrastructure and secure data within school IT landscape.





Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




ITCS & AV Operations

§ SLA Compliance.

§ Timely action on SLA deviation.

§ Increase in CSAT and ensure CSAT is maintained above 99%.

§ Coordinate with stakeholders in case of high priority tickets and act up on them.


§ 99% SLA.

§ Excellent CSAT maintained above 98% and overall CSAT maintained above 99%

§ Continuous improvement in user experience.



Network Service & support

§ SLA Compliance

§ Timely action on SLA deviation

§ Ensure high availability of Network services.


§ Minimal or zero technical glitches in network services.

§ Continuous improvement and ease for stakeholders when using Network services.

§ Ensure 99.9% uptime of the network services.



Data Center Operations

§ SLA compliance

§ High uptime of the servers.

§ Ensure required deployment and sizing of VMs as per application requirements.

§ Regular server patching and backup.

§ Ensure 99.9 % uptime of all the servers.

§ 99% SLA of all the incidents and service requests.





IT Security

§ Design and implement IT policies to secure IT services.

§ Monitor and Act on SOC and WAF alerts.

§ Conduct regular Vulnerability assessment.

§ Explore and implement new security tools to prevent security incidents.

§ Zero security incident.

§ Zero downtime of IT services due to security breaches.

§ Compliance with all the IT security policy.







Any Other Significant Input


This role requires close and detailed interactions with different stakeholders and calls for technical/ negotiation skills and commitment of enormous time and energy, much beyond regular working hours and invariably during weekends at least for half of the year.


The role also demands the ability to manage conflicts and thereby maintain an amicable environment in the campus round the clock.



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