Associate Director – Business and Operations with ISB Studios

Job Title:

Associate Director – Business and Operations


ISB Studios


Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Director – ISB Studios



Reportees to Position:

Managers, Asst Managers, Associates, Consultants & Interns




Job Purpose

The role would be central to the functioning of the Studios. The Associate Director – Business & Operations will work with a variety of different teams (Internal & External) —from faculty, RCIs, writers and directors and designers—to ensure that everything comes together in a cohesive, compelling way.


Job  Outline

The Associate Director – Business & Operations, ISB Studios will wear different hats in terms of managing the studio’s overall operations and business performance. The role encompasses 5 main areas as detailed below:

1. Studio Operations:

  • Manage projects/programs through the entire lifecycle: planning, creatives, production, delivery, and wrap.
  • Create a talent pool ready with multiple options for each talent who could be deployed for projects. Negotiating and creating talent agreements and find appropriate talent as and when one exits.
  • Develop, execute, and maintain standards and best practices/processes for running the ISB Studios operations. 
  • Ensure that the Studio team adheres to the laid-out processes in strict compliance with the audit requirements. 
  • Generate relevant reports for the ISB Studios, which would help in understanding the performance of the Studios.
  • Lead project-related team meetings (i.e., kick-offs, status, internal/reviews, etc.), and communicate action steps to the broader team.
  • Manage external production/post-production companies and creative agencies/personnel on contract, etc. Get long-term partnerships with vendors and resources to build the network pool. 
  • Define project scope, develop timelines and milestones, plan and manage allocations, and ensure project delivery requirements are met.

2. Stakeholder's Interface:

  • This role will interface directly with a range of external and internal stakeholders.
  • Build key relationships with internal cross-functional departments.
  • Be the interface between the ISB Studios & RCIs, and Faculty members. 
  • Liasioning between ISB Studios and various external agencies, potential clients, Government dignitaries & industry associations, etc.  
  • Ability to develop diverse network/resources to leverage "best in class" knowledge, approaches, and processes.
  • The ability to evaluate and ensure that vendor performance meets or exceeds defined performance standards and adheres to the school's policies and procedures.

3. Business Accountability: 

  • To oversee and inform the dissemination of the Studios content.
  • Explore funding opportunities, collaborations, and paid partnerships that would positively impact the Studio's budget. 
  • Analysing financial information (eg. revenues & expenditures) to ensure all operations are within budget.
  • Vet budgets and schedules, and ensure our productions run in an efficient manner
  • Present the annual budget for the Studios to the management as and when required. 
  • Build and develop content properties for the Studios and thus ensuring a periodic release calendar.

4. Process Design & Implementation: 

  • Design and streamline operational processes for effectiveness, efficiency and detail-orientation to document process flows, and diagnose/remedy challenges. 
  • Develop, execute, and maintain industry standards and best practices for running the ISB Studios. 
  • Ensure that the Studio team adheres to the laid-out processes in strict compliance with the audit requirements.
  • Manage the Studios' content requests and enable periodic evaluations.
  • Generate relevant reports for the ISB Studios, which would help in understanding the performance of the Studios. 
  • Be responsible for the ISB Studio's audit and compliance in line with the school's policies. 

5. Point of View: 

  • Knowledge of the external environment in which the various media businesses are conducted. It includes the ability to offer a broad perspective that extends beyond a particular functional discipline and draws upon the knowledge that comes from frequent interaction with different stakeholders, sources, and constituencies outside of the school.
  • Knowledge of industry nuances in different regions or countries that might impact the effectiveness of media strategies.
  • Act as a knowledge repository for the ISB Studios. Bring in market research enabling a deep dive into various aspects of Studio's business. Eg. Podcast environment in the country and the best practices thereof. 
  • High level of self-awareness, constantly curious and independently motivated to identify opportunities.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

MBA or a master’s from Film school

In-depth knowledge of running and managing Audio visual production in an academic setting. Ability to understand academic content.

Having experience working with mid-career programmes and  client facing. An overall experience of 15 plus years with at least 10 years of client facing role.


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Faculty and RCIs
  • HR, Finance, Commercial, Legal & operations
  • SEAL, AFA, ExecEd
  • PGP, PGP Pro & PGP-Max
  • Dean’s office
  • Production houses
  • Film schools
  • Vendors
  • Various corporates
  • Subject matter experts



Key Responsibilities

% Time



Studio Operations



Stakeholder Interface



Business Accountability



Process Design & Implementation



Point of View



Any Other Significant Input

Proven ability to multitask and manage simultaneous deliverables is important. The work involves being in a high paced work environment.