Associate Director – Quality Assurance with Planning and Governance Department

Job Title:

Associate Director – Quality Assurance



Planning & Governance

Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

HoD - Planning & Governance



Reportees to Position:

Manager/Asst. Manager




Job Purpose

To oversee and manage Internal Academic Audit function across all academic programmes.


Job Outline

The Associate Director plays a strategic and leadership role in the department.  He/She is responsible for overseeing the audit planning and validating the course components across programmes (PGP Suite, AMPs, FPM, EFPM, etc) and across campuses in coordination with the respective SPOCs across all the academic programmes.

The person is expected to have complete knowledge of audit processes and analytical strength to identify the gaps during audit process. He/she should be able to find a solution to simplify the processes to meet the set goal of closing the audit within the timelines. 

The person must lead, train and mentor the team members across campuses to ensure that they understand the audit related validations thoroughly. He/she is responsible for reviewing the final checks before confirming the respective stakeholder.

The person should strategically analyze the observations and escalate the shortcomings at regular intervals – Quarterly, annually to appraise the Academic Committee and Deans about the findings and gaps identified.

The person should liaison with Academic services and have quarterly/regular meetings with programme SPOCs to find solutions to the frequent observations / with an objective to reduce the errors in future and to increase efficiency.

The person is responsible for recommending revisions/corrections to the existing policies that impact academic delivery.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Master's degree

Decision making capability, People management and leadership skills, Analytical thinking, attention to detail, Mentoring skills, Cross functional collaboration, strategic mindset, good communication and Interpersonal skills



Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Programme-wise SPOCs
  • HoDs
  • IT



S No

Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Lead Audit – Strategic Planning & Review



Audit enhancements/revisions based on Reports



Stakeholder engagement



Process documentation and simplification of processes



Departmental activities



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities



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Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Lead Audit – Strategic Planning & Review

1. Oversee the Audit validations and communication with programme offices

2. Review audit checks before sharing the observations

3.Oversee the quarterly plan across all programs (PGP, PGP Modular & AMPs) and shortlist the courses (for 100% check/Multiple/Single component) within the criteria

4. Review Term-wise audit timelines based on each program schedule and advise the team on best practices

5. Refer to the updated manuals and guide the team on the changes in the course delivery to each programme

6. Oversee the timely creation of folders/channels in the shared drive and support team wherever required on collecting the data

Correctness in planning & shortlisting the courses based on audit criteria


Accuracy in validations and confirming the courses within timelines


Reduction of average audit timeline




Audit enhancements/revisions based on Reports


1. Finalise and share observations & recommendations with programme offices

Report: Monthly, Quarterly & Annually: Course-wise observations and recommendations

2. Identify the ambiguity of set processes and prepare the required changes to discuss with HoD

3. Implement best practices as per decisions taken, under HoD’s guidance

Timely submission of reports – Quarterly and annually



Stakeholder engagement 


1. Conduct orientation sessions for AAs and Programme SPOCs

2. Meet with Programme SPOCs at regular intervals to outline the observations

3. Lead the work towards the recommendations suggested to the programme offices. 

Stakeholder awareness and error reduction



Process documentation and simplification of processes

1. Identify and streamline the audit processes.

2. Spearhead documentation of all the audit processes 

3. Identify the gaps and suggest possibilities of digitization (if any) to simplify the processes.

Clear process documentation and limited manual interventions, digitization initiatives



Other Departmental activities

1. Support Registrar's office on Graduation & any other RO related activities

2. Pilot digitization efforts of audit function

Efficient and timely handling of activities



Any Other Significant Input

  • Taking ownership for adherence to quality
  • Being extremely time and precision conscious
  • Should be open to increase in activity/added responsibility as and when required