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Learning Resource Centre, Mohali

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Job Purpose

To manage activities related to Circulation tasks and extend support to the overall smooth functioning of the LRC function.


Job Outline

  • At ISB, the Learning and Resource Center (LRC) plays a crucial role in providing all stakeholders with the required information or knowledge on various topics.  The Centre provides necessary readings and materials used in multiple courses and programs offered by the ISB in strict adherence to the copyright policy.   The Center provides seamless access to knowledge resources in a hybrid format, including books, journals, databases, and other resources – “anywhere, anytime.”
  • The Job holder, as an Associate, reports to the Manager and performs critical activities related to Circulation Management Systems.  S/he needs to maintain and manage the patron accounts in the LMS  and roster system for the staff for attending the counter duty.      The position requires overseeing hassle-free circulation-related activities following due processes.    S/he must also manage patrons’ fine accounts and share the details to finance quarterly.
  • S/he needs to ensure the preparation of term-related textbooks and other materials and put them on the shelves well before the term starts.      S/he needs to ensure the upkeep of the circulation desk and arrangement of shelves along with their team members.
  • The role is required to support faculty and researchers in their research activities besides managing the LRC’s everyday activities – circulation – check-in/checkout, renewal, reminders, and other assigned works. Besides, they also assist users by providing relevant information, answering their queries, and guiding them in finding relevant sources - books and other reading materials based on their information needs.   S/he needs to contribute relevant content for various customized info products based on the information needs of the user groups.
  • The incumbent also needs to ensure and guide the team in managing day-to-day activities and coordinate with the team very well.  The position also requires coordinating internal stakeholders, business units, and external sources.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Graduation with a master’s in library & Information Science

Teamwork, Interpersonal Skills, Good Communication Skills, Flexibility

3 Years


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Students
  • Staff
  • All Departments
  • Vendors
  • Publishers



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Circulation – Patron Account Management, Maintenance, Scheduling, Monitoring Circulation Desks, VTLS Back up.



Reference Services and research support to researchers and faculty



Contribution to Info Products



Team MIS



Record Management (soft and Hard) related to Circulation Control



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities



Any Other Significant Input

Flexible working hours – Required to work in a shift system on a rotation basis as the Centre operates 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 a.m. on all days and 24x7 based on the demand from the user groups during the mid and end-term examinations

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