Associate Director - Strategy and Execution Career Advancement Services

Job Title:

Associate Director, Strategy and Execution


Career Advancement Services


Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Sr. Associate Director  - S&E



Reportees to Position:

Dotted reporting of CAS Team in Mohali campus  




Job Purpose

To support Head – Integrated Strategy & Execution (S&E) CAS, and Director CAS, in driving placement activities for the School, focusing on student aspirations and the School’s brand image with the recruiter community. Interact with Career Advancement Council and students on regular basis to give them updates on placements, careers and other industry related job roles.


Job  Outline

The incumbent is responsible for supporting Director CAS, as well as Head – Strategy & Execution (S&E) CAS in creating appropriate career opportunities for the school’s PGP students, integrating placement efforts and activities across both campuses, and supporting student and recruiter engagement, at the Mohali campus.  To successfully provide a rich engagement experience to students and recruiters, the incumbent must act as an effective bridge between the ISB, students, and recruiters.

To support student engagement, the incumbent will have to act as the SPOC for students for all placement matters.  S/he has to ensure that students are aware of roles and interview processes of recruiters, as well as prepared for interviews.  S/he must ensure that the flow of information and knowledge to the students is adequate and meaningful.  To do so, the incumbent will have to collaborate with student professional clubs, capitalize on opportunities and resources available with the student body and engage these clubs with the school’s placement drive.  Supporting Director CAS and Head – Integrated S&E CAS in enhancing student development by imparting industry awareness and role specific knowledge to students will be a key component of this role, and the candidate will be evaluated on the quality of student engagement established at the school.

To support recruiter engagement, the incumbent will have to ensure that all visiting recruiters on both campuses have a positive experience.  The candidate will be evaluated upon the smoothness of recruiter visits, including interactions with recruiter during their visit to School’s flagship events and conclaves if required.  Meeting with potential recruiters visiting the campus, and further exploring avenues of engagements is a critical element of the role.

Collaboration with the CAS CBD team as well as the Program Management team for effective implementation of leadership sessions and PPTs is required of this role. The incumbent will have to collaborate with various stakeholders to maintain and strengthen the School’s relationships with recruiters.  Data collation and management for various CAS initiatives is also a required element of this role.  The incumbent will be responsible for creating and managing various databases important from a placements perspective, and transferring appropriate, relevant and meaningful information to stakeholders.  This task will require following up with the relevant stakeholders for qualitative, as well as quantitative data.  Ability to work effectively with MS Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint is required.

Support provided to Director CAS and Head Strategy & Execution (S&E) CAS with all operational matters will be evaluated.  The candidate will be evaluated upon the smooth functioning of the CAS department at Mohali.

The candidate will ensure that student placement policies are adhered to in fairness and spirit.  Entire Logistics for structured placements days is also a part of this role.  Smooth operations during placement days will be evaluated.

This role involves establishing a strong connects with students, CAS staff, as well as other student facing departments such as AFA and SEAL.  The quality of collaboration established between relevant stakeholders will be evaluated.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

  • Post Graduate in Management or similar
  • Key Account Management,
  • Sales Team Management, Relationship Management,
  • Influencing and Networking, Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills,
  • Team Management, Recruitments, Career Counseling and Development, Database Management, Administration Support, MS Office, Business Development



  • Minimum 10 years


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Students
  • CEE, AFA, SEAL, Alumni Relations
  • Finance, Operations and Facilities, Commercials
  • Program management Team
  • L&D Team
  • Organizations and Recruiters
  • Alumni
  • Students



Key Responsibilities

% Weight


To support Head Integrated S&E CAS in building the School’s image with the recruiter community, and enhancing recruiter engagement at Mohali.



Collaboration with, and support provided to the CBD Team, as well as the Process team, and execution of CAS initiatives and activities.



To enhance student engagement at Mohali on a one-on-one and one-on many basis



To work with CAC Director/Team, Professional Clubs/SIGs leaders and GSB President and be the SPOC for all communication between CAS team and student leaders



Logistics, planning, and implementation of operational activities such as structured placement days, and other recruiter visits and events.



Leverage Social Media to build new clientele, strengthen relations with current ones and showcase talent pool



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities




Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Student Engagement

Quality and number of engagements with students on 0ne-on-one and one-to-many basis

Student feedback at the end of the year



Mohali CAS SPOC working with CAC Director/Team, Professional Club/SIG leaders and GSB Core

High quality communication and relationship with Student leaders, lead generation, participation in CAS leadership sessions and PPTs

Number and quality of engagements



Planning and logistics for placement operations

Actual outcome of placement operations

Recruiter and student feedback at the end of the placement cycle



Support Director CAS and department in building the School’s image with the recruiter community by engaging with them when on campus and during leadership sessions/PPTs; to ensure adequate social media representation


Recruiter feedback at the end of the year

Actual Outcome of placements

Number of social media post impressions and CAS page followers

Quality and quantity of student participation in sessions/PPTs



School wide contributions

Actual outcome of outside of CAS initiatives

Feedback provided to Director CAS by other departments and stakeholders



Any Other Significant Input

In line with the school’s “One School Two Campus” philosophy the incumbent should be committed towards ensuring a similar student and recruiter experience across both campuses.

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