Associate Director - ASA

Associate Director - ASA

Job Title:

Associate Director




Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Director (ASA)



Reportees to Position:

Managers at Mohali

Academic Associates at Mohali



Job Purpose

Overseeing seamless delivery of PGP and AMP programmes at Mohali as per the laid down process. Adapting to disruptions and ensuring course delivery continues flawlessly. Hiring and allocation of Academic Associates across programmes at Mohali campus. Managing on ground expectation of students and faculty at Mohali campus. Coordination and collaboration with Hyderabad Campus.

Job  Outline

The primary responsibility of the job holder is to ensure seamless academic experience across programmes especially PGP and AMPs (excluding CBA). It involves course coordination, conducting of all evaluation components, managing the pre and post Exam activities, Paper-Viewing, Data Management. The role also requires regular interaction with the faculty and ensuring excellent support for them. The role includes liaising with several other departments such as RO, FA, Audit, IT, Operations and SEAL. With recent developments related with the pandemic, there is a thrust on quick resolution of IT issues. The acceptable TATs for Grade release, Faculty Feedback, AACSB and Equis related Data, Audit activity, 9.1 Data and queries on ASAAssist also comes under the purview of the role. Furthermore, the JD also includes coordinating for HCC cases at Mohali and ensuring International Exchange queries are resolved quickly with Area coordinators and SEAL.


This role includes responsibility of Academic Associates entirely, and includes recruitment, allocations, follow ups as well as counselling of AAs from time to time. The AA team reporting to the AD is responsible for all academic programmes including outstation PGP Modulars, CEE as well as AMPs.  He/She will work with Hyderabad Associate Director ASA to successfully manage the AACP programme for Academic Associates   


The incumbent is expected to work closely with the Director ASA for planning and managing the PGP Programme and the Associate Dean, Academic Programmes, for AMPs. Post planning, s/he is required to manage the ASA and AA team and is also required to interact with the student bodies, especially AAC, throughout the year. S/he is also responsible for bringing improvements in the system and implementing them.


The incumbent will also support Modular programmes when the need arises.


The AD must update the PGP page and AMP pages on Atrium on the latest developments, strategies and structural changes. S/he is also expected to update the Student Manuals, AA Manual and Faculty Handbook every year as also ensure updation of PGP information on the ISB website


As a part of the data maintenance activities, the job holder is required to keep an updated and error-free record of the department’s data. S/he needs to play a critical role in the AACSB and Equis accreditation by coordinating and collating data from the relevant stakeholders.


An important aspect of the incumbent’s role is facilitate release students’ grades and CGPA in a timely manner.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Post-Graduate Degree/PhD

Good knowledge of MS Office, prior knowledge of software implementation, excellent interpersonal skills, understanding students’ needs, Working with several stakeholders, skillful in coordinating, planning, managing a large team, good interpersonal skills, time and quality management.

~15 years

Job Interface/Relationships:



Admissions and CAS




ITCS and IT Developers: 



Dean’s office

Alumni Relations,





Audit Team


AV Team

Raasta (for recording Async Sessions)

Hotels for AMPs (for residencies wherever required)




Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To execute the academic delivery of of the PGP Programme/Cohort at Mohali



To manage/execute the academic aspect of the AMP Programmes/Cohorts at Mohali



To maintain proper records of the department’s data in the prescribed formats/templates, which is easy to retrieve and meets the AACSB and Equis requirements



To manage the recruitment and allocation of the Academic Associate Team at Mohali



To manage the ASA Core team at Mohali:  monitor and support activities assigned to team members, guide and mentor them and identify areas of improvements, appraisals of the team members at Mohali



Inter Departmental and Inter Campus Liaising






Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities



Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator





PGP Programme Academic Administration/Management at Mohali

§ Scrutinizing all the course outlines of all Core/Elective courses*Ensuring material is up on LMS on time *following up with faculty if they are not responding *keeping track of trends and issues at Hyd and ensuring we address at Mohali *Regular interaction with students and GSB Core, especially the AAC Director *24X7 redressal of students concerns *regular interaction with the faculty on campus *ensuring comfortable stay and enjoyable classroom experience for faculty, also efficient secretarial support *ensuring IT issues resolution quickly *scrutinizing case overlaps *ensuring minimal reschedule of classes (one reschedule per faculty if at all)*maintaining TAT for ASA Assist *Overseeing the Bidding process and addressing students' concerns over bidding* Overseeing Exams in entirety: Pre and Post exam activities including Grade release* Overseeing Audit Process* Maintaining TAT for Faculty Feedback and Course related Info*ENSURING ALL CLASSROOM RELATED EXPERIENCES AT MOHALI ARE FLAWLESS, including liaising with the departments wherever required* Coordinating for HCC cases at Mohali * International Exchange

§ Timely execution of all functions

§ Adherence to policies and processes

§ Timely Grade Release

§ Timely response to student queries and concerns




AMP Administration

Seamless delivery of all four AMPs: AMPH, AMPMO, AMPI and MPPP. Liaising with RCIs, FDRO, Operations, IT to ensure smooth delivery of programme, whether in Hyd or Mohali. Ensuring course coordination/Exams/Grading/Faculty and Student Experience were all as per ISB standards.

§ Seamless programme delivery: residencies as well as online

§ Error free communication to students and redressal of their concerns

§  Smooth conducting of exams



Complete management of the Academic Associate Team at Mohali for all relevant programmes


Exploring and establishing resources locally for AAs @ Mohali, which is a challenge especially in this unpredictable time.  Train the AAs for online class experience so as the ensure both faculty and students were satisfied. Ensure a balance of AAs is maintained in all Areas *recruitment process *allocations every term *provide feedback *calculate bonuses *address the concerns of AAs *mentor them/encourage their work/life balance *ensure each gets equal invigilation duty *observe ethical practices *regularly communicate with faculty from end to end of every course

§ Maintaining demand and supply of AAs

§ Recruitment of quality AAs

§ Timely and suitable allocations as required by the area

§ Smooth support in class and for evaluations as per faculty’s wishes

§ AA feedback

§ Successful completion of the AACP programme for all AAs



Data Management


§ Ensure all departmental data is available in the acceptable formats to all stake holders

§ Ensure timely updation of pre-term related information on the Atrium and Website

§ Providing data for AACSB and Equis

§ Timely data provided wherever required

§ Accurate data

§ Formatted data, according to the Org’s requirement



Team Management


Supervise, support and advise the ASA team at Mohali on their day-to-day activities, ensuring that all areas of programme delivery are carried out seamlessly and efficiently. Ensuring the right person was doing the respective job and changes were made when as required. Managing the balance between the AAs and the ASA Core team so that the machinery worked flawlessly throughout the year especially since most of the year the team worked from home. Regular meetings/emails/discussions with the team members and supporting them in their hour of need.


§ Recruitment

§ Mentoring

§ Ensuring team morale remains high

§ Timely resignation and exit formalities with HR

§ Appraisal process in conjunction with Director ASA



Inter Departmental and Inter Campus Activities

ASA must connect regularly with several departments and continuously with ASA Hyderabad, regular interaction with the Director ASA, Associate Dean Programmes as well as the representatives of other Departments has to be maintained. Extensive communication, Meetings and data sharing to ensure smooth functioning of the ‘One School Two Campus’ model of ISB  

§ Regular Meetings

§ Regular calls

§ Constant e-mail communications

§ Discussions wherever required


Any Other Significant Input


AD may have to travel to other programme locations including Modular programmes to ensure that the activities are seamlessly executed, as also wherever support is required.






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