Creative Lead – Podcasts with ISB Studios

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Creative Lead – Podcasts



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Sr Manager



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Job Purpose

  • To create and grow ISB Podcasts network, that aims to serve listeners with a wide portfolio of audio content across genres. 


Job Outline

  • We are seeking a Podcast Producer who can research, plan, script, and execute engaging podcasts and audio shows for the school. The incumbent would work with various constituents of the school to put out compelling content that would impact the listenership of the school’s podcasts positively.   



  • Conceptualise multiple original podcasts in consultation with multiple academic departments and goals of ISB Studios
  • Research or review academic research about topics
  • Write engaging scripts, SEO friendly titles and show notes for the podcasts in English (primarily) and Hindi (desirable skill)


  • Have the skills to create immersive, insightful and gripping narratives based on the audience segment with the content that is especially commissioned or pre-recorded
  • Set and adhere to production schedules in collaboration with relevant stakeholders
  • Mentor and support ISB stakeholders to publish podcasts based on their ideas, and strengths and the goals of ISB Studios
  • Manage the publication of pre-existing published and unpublished video footage as podcast shows.


  • Mastery of audio production tools such as Adobe Audition, Hindenburg, Pro Tools or another professional software to comprehensively enhance recordings
  • Knowledge about best practices for in-person and remote recording
  • Ability to choose music that is iconic and relevant to podcast shows to ensure uniqueness
  • Ability to choose apt natural sounds to create immersive listening experiences 
  • Ensure podcasts are accessible on platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, JioSaavn, Gaana, etc on time
  • Use audio content and work with relevant stakeholders to advertise episodes (through quote posts, audiograms, etc)
  • Track analytics and consult with ISB’s marketing team to execute an effective marketing plan (including through social media and emails)

Additional Requirements:

  • Incumbent has prior experience in journalism, audio/video production. Must have interest in podcasts and a desire to report and analyse issues using audio. The incumbent must have an ambitious mindset to support the scaling needs of the Studios and the School.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

  • Degree in film, media or professional certifications in the area of Audio engineering/ /Videography field is a plus.[1]
  • Sound design, sound mix, sound cleaning
  • Sound theoretical knowledge and handson of sound design
  • Excellent music sense and to be able to find relevant music for the podcasts.
  • Overall 5-7 years of experience out of which, 2 years must be with relevant experience.
  • Prior experience in podcast production and audio editing is a must.
  • Experience operating relevant equipment (Mics, sound mixer.) Podcast hosting software like captivate, buzzsprout, podbean, RedCircle etc.


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Other Studios staff
  • Inter department coordination where necessary (Operations/IT).
  • Vendor staff (Catering/Housekeeping etc)
  • Location site managers (During offsite shoots)



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


  • Podcast production in the scope of prescribed guidelines.



  • Overseeing the technical aspects of the audio and constantly innovate.



  • Responsible for the Studios’ assets



  • Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities


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