Director with Career Advancement Services


Job Title:

Director (HoD) – CAS


Career Advancement Services


Reports to position:

Sr. Associate Dean – CAS



Reportees to Position:

Senior Associate Directors & Associate Directors





Job Purpose

To plan business development, Program Management and Strategy and Execution activities for Careers Advancement Services as per the established guidelines ensuring accomplishment of placement objectives of the school.


Job Outline


The incumbent is responsible for building capacity, capability and maintaining motivation among his/her team. The job entails responsibilities on the following main fronts:

Business Development:

The primary responsibility is to devise and implement plan for arranging maximum job offers and new career options to the students. To meet the above objective, the incumbent manages, and monitors assigned regional teams across the country and drives registration of new recruiters in the list of ISB campus recruiters. The incumbent is also responsible for maintaining and strengthening relation with the current recruiters.

The incumbent is expected to ensure regular engagement of the current and potential recruiters by updating and involving them in any major events of the institute. S/he also required driving the increase in number of contact points in any recruiting company.

Program Management and Strategy and Execution

The incumbent is responsible for the middle and back-office aspect of placements. This includes designing and maintaining robust systems, processes, and portals for placements so that the school is ready for both physical and digital format of placements.

The incumbent requires to regularly connect with the students and representatives of student bodies to understand their aspirations and career choices. These interactions would help the incumbent ensure fruitful placements.

The incumbent is responsible for the smooth execution of placements either in physical or digital format based on the developing circumstances and work with all internal and external stakeholders of the school to achieve the same.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Post-Graduation in Management from a Tier-1 School

Interaction and Business development at

CXO level,

Key account management, Large Sales team management

Interpersonal skills,

Team management, Influencing skills; Collaboration and High-level understanding of digital component in various aspects of placements

18 years plus



Job Interface/Relationships:



  • SEAL, CEE, ASA, AFA, RCIs, CLMP, All RCIs and Centers of Excellence at ISB; Dean’s Office
  • IT, HR, Finance, Operations, Commercial and Digital Teams
  • Students
  • Companies
  • Alumni


Serial No

Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To plan the business development activities on yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis and review the implementation of the same;



To enhance participation of companies in the campus interviews by engaging with and acquiring new companies for campus placements



To engage current and prospective recruiters for their participation in the campus interviews



To ensure robustness and readiness of middle and back office through well-defined processes, policies, and portal



To ensure smooth execution of entire placements processes by working with various internal and external stakeholders; to interact with students and student leaders to understand the career preference of the cohort



To manage a team of 30+ colleagues in Business Development, Program Management and Strategy and Execution



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities




Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Business Development; Client Relation Management

§ Job postings, offers and new companies registered


§ Percentage of students placed by graduation; new companies brought in for hiring; number of total offers generated; total invoicing generated



Program Management; Student Interaction and Placements Execution

§ Robustness of Processes, Policies and Portal

§ Student and POR Interactions

§ MIS and reports for internal and external stakeholders



§ Optimize budget and expenses of placements

§ Quality of student interaction



Team management & performance

§ Attrition & performance of team members

§ Attrition figure

§ Training and Development of Team members


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