Intern with Finance


  1. Handling vendor invoices including Project payments-

·       Processing and Accounting of transactions related to vendor bills such as contractual, recurring payments, regular purchase of material and services bills, e-commerce invoices and project-related invoices.

·       preparing required workings in excel.

·       prepaid entries.

·       maintaining related Data and documents.

·       forwarding documents for payment and taking prints & attaching vouchers thereof.

·       Ensuring compliance with tax withholding provisions.

·       Communication with departments and vendors related to the status of vendor transaction processing.

·       Ensuring Updation of asset-related records for asset codes printing.

·       Ensuring that details are provided on a time to internal and statutory auditors during the audit.

  1. Handling queries from vendors and sending them required information and statements.
  2. Verification and accounting of Advance payment requests.
  3. GST Related Work

·       Verifying invoices uploaded on the portal for new and existing vendors and following up with them wherever required for missing credits on the portal.

·       Working on GST related queries and reconciliations.

  1. Month End Activities

·       Preparing monthly provision sheet for accrued expenses and entries of the same in SAP.

·       Vendor Account Review and respective clearing of vendor accounts.

·       Advance settlement review, follow up with a commercial for long-pending advances.

·       GRIR Reconciliation and Clearing, following up with commercials wherever required.

·       Passing GST utilization entries for sheet provided.

·       Maintaining a prepaid schedule for entries passed during the month.

  1. Students receipt verification in SAP.

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