Intern with GRAF Office

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Office of Grants, RCI Management, Faculty Alignment & FPM (GRAF Office)

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Reports to position:

Research Grants Manager



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Job Purpose

To support the Grants office needs through entire grants life cycle. Supporting Manager in maintaining data on Grants Management at ISB. To Coordinate with stakeholders for collection and compilation of reports and financial reports.


Job Outline

The primary responsibility of the job holder is to closely work with the Manager to support in managing the research grants of the faculty, RCI and institute. Database of all grants, updating the portal with required data on a timely basis. Follow up with all the stakeholders for collecting the data related to grants and to identify and compile the compliance issues.

The Job holder must maintain the grant details along with the manpower, expenses and all the related documentation on timely basis.

The Incumbent should maintain database of all the deliverables, disbursement of the grants funds across the years. She/he should coordinate with internal stake holders to obtain the relevant data on time and compile them into reports.

The Incumbent should support the Manager with archival of data and documents related to Grant Management Advisory Committee and their management related activities.

The jobholder is responsible for providing end-to-end support for administrative functioning of the grants office such as logistics arrangements, venue booking and processing of claims.

The Incumbent is responsible for departmental bills submissions to Finance.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Graduate Degree/postgraduate

Excellent analytical and communication skills,

MS Office – emphasis on use of MS Excel and MS Planner, creating reports on Excel

IT savvy,

Legal knowledge (preferable)

2 - 4 years


Job Interface/Relationships:



All faculty and RCI offices, finance, HR, operations and commercials

As per grant’s requirement



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Assists in collecting, analyzing and reporting data on the performance of all funded research grants through its entire life cycle.



Tracking grant deliverables and milestones and submission to sponsor.



Maintain comprehensive knowledge of areas involved in identifying and soliciting grants; collaborate with various internal departments.



Tracking the manpower details against the budgets



Helps in Implementing and monitoring systems of checks and balances and bring instances of non-compliance both technical and financial.



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities



Any Other Significant Input


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