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Learning Architect – Public Sector



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Director, Government Solutions

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Job Purpose: 

·       Coordinate with senior stakeholders, faculty and public sector clients to create Executive Education programmes

·       Create reusable journey paths and program outlines

·       Draft proposals in consultation with public sector clients and internal team members

·       Conduct diagnostics study with clients

·       Assist with designing the courses and programs and setting up the course calendar

·       Collaborate with stakeholders to create customised course-flow documents, approach notes, diagnostic reports and proposals related to various projects

·       Identify opportunities for efficiency in all aspects of program management to help in scalability

Key Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing course content, resources, participant results, and faculty course ratings, and ensuring that they align with set goals
  • Consulting with senior stakeholders to shape content and obtain their review and approval of learning assets
  • Gathering information from faculty, clients, and internal team as part of performing requirement analysis for program building
  • Conduct diagnostics study with clients, in collaboration with faculty, team members
  • Providing timely support to create solutions for clients
  • Closely examining programs and reporting to the relevant stakeholders
  • Constantly keeping clients updated on progress w.r.t programme design and delivery
  • Providing ideas for sessions, workshops and instructional materials to support faculty and improve lesson delivery and admin processes.
  • Researching current trends and different domains for developing new and more effective curricula, learning outcomes, and teaching methods and communicate the same to faculty and clients
  • Maintaining an archive of learning nuggets that can be used across programs and created with support from different stakeholders
  • Advising faculty, course facilitators and end clients on the effective use of digital learning tools as per available resources
  • Observing sessions to provide feedback and improve delivery and manage customer learning experience
  • Using the evaluation of learners’ experiences and outcomes to employ design improvements

Education and Experience desired for the role:

·       Preferred: Master’s degree in business administration or education or a related discipline.

·       4-6 years of experience of engaging with public sector in a consultative/ advisory role

·       Understanding of aspects related to governance, society, transformations in public sector etc.

·       Flair for writing and drafting proposals basis research, gaining domain understanding and blending it with ISB’s expertise

·       Good to have some teaching experience and or exposure to training / L&D practices.

·       Strong communication and interpersonal skills

·       Good command over English language for communicating verbally and in writing

·       Excellent analytical and diagnostic skills

·       Good questioning, probing and listening skills

·       The ability to work independently and as part of a team

·       Able to apply knowledge and think creatively

·       Multi-tasking ability with superior time management skills

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