Manager - Alumni Relations with Executive Education


Job Title:

Manager – Alumni Relations




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Associate Director – Customer Success



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Job Purpose

To plan and handle end-end programme workflows as per established guidelines of the center and provide an outstanding experience to the Alumni community of Executive Education at ISB.


Job  Outline


The job holder will play a key role in establishing the EE as a leading global player in Executive Education through effective handling and coordination of resources, capabilities and logistics for alumni engagement and related activities delivered by the centre in both online and offline formats.  

-    An Alumni Relations manager will be the SPOC for ExecEd alumna from the point of their onboarding throughout their lifetime.

-    S/he is required to consolidate data of certified participants of Executive programmes and update the requisite portals with all relevant data, post every programme completion.

-    S/he is to segregate the data as per the three alumni categories and plan reach-out campaigns to onboard the participants into the relevant alumni network community group.

-    S/he drives various communications to engage with the alumna from time-time.

-    S/he will be the SPOC for ExecEd alumna, internal and external stakeholders, supporting end-to-end planning, management & coordination of all ExecEd alumni activities.

-    S/he will maintain database and constantly build upon the participant profiles to keep it relevant and up to date.

-    S/he will maintain all data required for assigning resources efficaciously to the programme and Alumna, including data on their domain & industry and plan their learning components and analyse their growth trajectory.

-    S/he will engage with various alumni groups and other internal teams to plan calendarised events for the alumni in the on/offline mediums and ensures highest levels of client satisfaction.

-    S/he will work with faculty and industry speakers to schedule learning sessions, communicate programme progress to the leaders, and in the case of visiting faculty, take care of all their travel and stay requirements.

-    S/he will work on building the guest & industry speakers list to support the larger learning needs and requirements of ISB EE team.

-    The incumbent will manage all the social media handles of ISB ExecEd.

-    S/he works closely with other team members of Customer Success in driving best ratings for events and School level rankings for Alumni engagement.

-    As a part of the post programme activity, the incumbent manages budget sheets, closes expenses & related formalities

-    Efficaciously manages faculty contracts till payouts

-    Job holder must display exceptional project management skills to ensure all the above tasks are completed on time with high levels of stakeholder satisfaction.

-    S/ he must establish and continually track metrics that measure efficiency and satisfaction at different points in the post programme workflow.

-    S/he is expected to maintain end-end data repository of each aspect of the alumni events to fulfil internal & external audit purposes, as & when required.

-    The incumbent arranges the above while complying with the cost, time and quality guidelines of the centre.

To ensure effective execution of the job, the incumbent is expected to interact with external vendors and departments within ISB for making the above arrangements.



Job Specification


Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience


Graduate /Post-Graduate


Exceptional Project Management skills with strong attention to detail, Excellent oral and written communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, Event Management skills, Team work, Coordination skills, Cross functional collaborative skills, Negotiation skills, Cost consciousness, Innovation, Due Diligence, Client Relations, Documentation, MIS Reporting, Data Analysis


7 to 10 years working in a high-growth, dynamic environment, especially in the ed-tech industry is highly preferred




Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Executive Education team
  • Faculty
  • Facilities Users Committee
  • HR/Finance/Operations
  • Alumni
  • Vendors
  • Coaching Agencies
  • Guest/Industry speakers



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Maintain Alumni Data base, profile the participants and manage the data portals



Drive engagement activities for Alumni for self and school branding



Projects/Initiatives for WOW – Improve processes, control costs, etc



Strategise and plan lifelong learning opportunities and communications



Build connect with Alumni through reach  out campaigns



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities


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