Manager ASA (AMP Management)


Job Title:





ASA (AMP Management)

Reports to position:

Associate Director – ASA – Mohali



Reportees to Position:

1 Associate/interns




Job Purpose

To ensure smooth conduct of Advanced Management Program (AMP) related activities as well as efficient execution of all of the critical AMP functions. To provide administrative support to faculty for smooth delivery of course in AMPs. To liaise with students and resolve their academic issues


Job  Outline

As a Manager of the Academic Services and Administration (ASA) department, the job holder is expected to ensure smooth conduct of two Advanced Management Program (AMPs). S/he will be the one-point contact for all AMP related activity, and in turn liaise with faculty, students, ASA Core and Academic Associates to ensure all AMP related activity is efficiently carried out, and data compiled, audited, stored and communicated in a timely manner.


S/he is also responsible for all core function of AMPs be it Course Coordination, Examinations or Logistics  


Further s/he is expected to work towards faculty satisfaction. The incumbent is expected to provide administrative support to faculty for smooth delivery of course which would involve different activities.


With regard to people responsibilities the incumbent is supposed to closely work with other team members within ASA and AMPs and has to exhibit a good team player role. Further, she/he needs to closely coordinate with her/his team and other team members for enhancing their performance & productivity. The job holder is also expected to handle queries and escalations forwarded by the team and other relevant source.  



Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

·        Bachelors Degree/Masters Degree

·       Experience in middle management role.

·   MS Office, Planning, Co-ordination

·   Strong IT Skills

·   Understanding students’ needs

·   Problem solving skills

·   Highly proactive

·   Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Multitasking ability, Time management skills and attention to detail

8-10 years with minimum 2 years in senior position in a reputed Organization.

Job Interface/Relationships:



  • RO
  • RCIs
  • ITCS
  • HR/Faculty/Staff
  • Operations Team
  • OMR/Online Exam vendor (if necessary)
  • SAP support provider
  • External Auditors



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Ensuring seamless and efficient AMP processes related to all aspects of AMPs



Handling all AMP core functions (Exam/Course Coordiantion/Logistics/Planning/Budgeting) and coordination with RCI



Team work and coordination



Managing Faculty related activities



Registration, Graduation & Misc. Departmental activities




Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities




Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




AMP Programme Management

at Mohali and Hyd

  • Collaborating with Academic Associates for timely and efficient collation of exam/grading related data
  • Connecting with faculty to resolve grading issues wherever required
  • Ensure that there are no counting or posting errors
  • Maintain timelines and formats as expected by RO
  • Single point contact for RO to provide them with all required and relevant data.
  • Regulating the Paper viewing and revaluation process to ensure data is ready for audits following fixed timelines
  • Timely Grading
  • Grades released in both LMS and SAP to be accurate and 100% matching  
  • Data to be ready for auditors within stipulated timeline
  • Error free data to be uploaded in folders.
  • Coordination between AAs and Registrar Office
  • Ensuring all quereies of FDRO are answered promptly    



Handling all AMP core functions (Exam/Course Coordiantion/Logistics/Planning/Budgeting) and coordination with RCI

  • All Course related activity must be coordinated with respective RCI
  • Ensure seamless programme delivery with RCI
  • Ensure student satisfaction and student query handling related t all Academic activity
  • programme delivery in conjunction with RCI
  • Responding to student and faculty emails within time frame.
  • Error free class room experience
  • Intra and inter departmental coordination with RCI



Team Work and Coordination


  • Since all ASA functions are intertwined, there should be seamless coordination of all the vital functions of AMP
  • Assistance to the other AMP manager wherever required
  • Back up for other functions as and when requested
  • Maintaining good interpersonal relations with  the extended team of AAs and core ASA
  • Supporting HOD wherever required
  • Team satisfaction and support to all memebers whenever required    



Managing Faculty related activities

  • Faculty satisfaction ( Stay at campus, food etc.) to be rated above 6.0.
  • Ensuring a homely experience for Faculties on campus.
  • Faculty Invoice processing.
  • Ensuring that the payments are made to the faculties within time frame.   
  • Managing Data
  • Annual Budget preparation
  • Faculty invoices and payment done on time.
  • Feedback from Faculty in mails about the ASA department etc. mentioning about their experience at ISB Mohali



Logistics of Boarding/Lodging/ Special activities


  • All Residencies planning and ensuring comfortable stay for faculty and students
  • Particiapting in Dept activities including maintenance and tracking of Department processes/policies/data/assets
  • Maintaining and tracking of Departmental Assets
  • Coordination for boarding/lodging/gala dinners/special events related to academics/coordination with RCI so that there are no overlaps








Any Other Significant Input

The AMP Manager will be responsible for the delivery of the entire programme/s allocated to her/him, internal checks and processes to provide accurate and formatted data to the internal and external stake holders as and when required.

S/He will also ensure the entire function of AMPs allocated her her/him and ensure that every activity/function is executed seamlessly. S/He will work closely with the AAs and establish processes for audits that are time and energy saving. S/He will be the focal point of contact for AMPs and ASA.   




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