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Faculty & Research

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Reports to position:

Associate Director – FD



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Job Purpose

Implement and integrate the Faculty Information Systems software (ex: Interfolio software), build & manage competent data management structure, and manage other department related software needs


Job Outline

A.   The job holder is responsible for seamless implementation & deployment of Interfolio software and other Faculty Information Management systems.

B.   The incumbent needs to strategize, design and implement a suitable data management to enable department in addressing long term reporting requirements.

C.   S/he needs to work with existing software in department and support the Director / Associate Director in the necessary reporting processes.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Bachelor’s Degree

·   Proficient IT knowledge

·   MS Office (with advance excel expertise)

·   Problem solving skills

·   Communication skills

·   Interpersonal skills and multitasking ability

·   Time management skills

·   Attention to detail

·   2 to 4 years of experience in data structure & management.

·   Experience in any software implementation.


Job Interface/Relationships:



FD staff, Faculty in different areas, IT, LRC, Finance, Commercials, Operations and HR

Software service providers, Visiting Faculty, Vendors


S. No.

Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Implement, deploy, and manage Interfolio software



Strategize, design, and implement a suitable data management system and reporting



Better align the existing software to the reporting processes



Total Time Spent on all Responsibilities




Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Implement, deploy, and manage Interfolio software

§ Understand the department requirements to implement Interfolio software.

§ Establish good connect with Interfolio software service providers.

§ Enable / prepare the existing department data for smooth implementation of Interfolio software.

§ Carefully deploy the Interfolio modules phase wise.

§ Address finite level of issues while deploying the software.

§ Deeply involved in the complete, end-to-end deployment of Interfolio software in FD.

§ Responsible for complete/smooth functionality of all deployed Interfolio modules.

§ Strict adherence to timelines during implementation.

§ Test, and manage the Interfolio software for day-to-day department requirements.

§ Maintain the synchronous relationship with Interfolio software service providers in order to prepare department for implementation of next modules.

§ On time, error-free and smooth completion of activities.



Strategize, design, and implement a suitable data management system and reporting

§ Understand the overall reporting requirements of department.

§ Strategically create and design a suitable data management structure.

§ Work with Associate Director in developing a suitable data management framework considering all existing and future reports management of department.

§ Lead the preparation of appropriate reports in word, excel and PPT.

§ Generate, gather data, and generate error free, high accuracy excel documents.

§ Timely preparation and submission of necessary reports (combination of PPTs, word and excel) including EB meeting, quarterly updates, annual reports, research productivity reports etc.

§ Maintain highest level of accuracy, structure, and timelines in developing various reports.

§ Extend timely support to Director / Associate Director in addressing long term reporting requirements.

§ Accurate, and timely creation of data

§ Efficient and effective reports preparation.

§ Meeting the deadlines set

§ Help with reports generation.









Better align the existing software to the reporting processes.

§ Quickly adapt to the existing software platforms in department and comprehend the efficient utilization.

§ Work with vendors / software service providers in close sync to rework on platform modifications aiming necessary reports in department.

§ Support Director / Associate Director in managing information & reports for various processes.

§ Meeting the deadlines set from time to time.

§ Ensure flawless data management.


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